Friday, August 7, 2020

Review: Rain Will Come

Thomas Holgate
Started reading: July 12th 2020
Finished the book: July 15th 2020
Pages: 301
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Published: April 1st 2020
Source: Netgalley
Goodreads score: 3.93
My score:

Paul Czarcik, the longest-tenured detective in the Illinois Bureau of Judicial Enforcement, puts the rest of the team to shame. Ruthless and riddled with vices, Czarcik always gets his man. And fast. Until now…

A double slaying isn’t the open-and-shut case of urban crime he’s used to. Connecting it to a high-profile Texas judge, Czarcik realizes something bigger is going on. It’s the work of a serial killer for whom Chicago is just the beginning. Now he’s inviting Czarcik to play catch-me-if-you-can on a cross-country murder spree.

Going rogue, Czarcik accepts the challenge. But as the bodies pile up, he must come to grips with the fact that nothing—not the killer, the victims, or the rules—is what it seems in this bloody game of cat and mouse..

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

GIVEAWAY: 17 Fantasy Novels and a Kindle Fire 7

Welcome, welcome, dear readers.
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Today I'm happy to announce an amazing Giveaway that contains 17 Fantasy Novels and a brand new Kindle Fire 7!

This Giveaway is by Abby Arthur, author of Twins of Shadow.
The prizes are in a Giveaway that is running for 4 weeks.
You get 4 chances to win and every entrant will receive a Free Copy of the book Twins of Shadow.

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Review: Still Waters (Sandhamn Murders #1)

Viveca Sten
Started reading: July 8th 2020
Finished the book: July 11th 2020
Pages: 387
Genres: Mystery, Fiction, Crime
Published: October 1st 2015
Source: Borrowed the book
Goodreads score: 3.69
My score:

On a hot July morning on Sweden’s idyllic vacation island of Sandhamn, a man takes his dog for a walk and makes a gruesome discovery: a body, tangled in fishing net, has washed ashore.

Police detective Thomas Andreasson is the first to arrive on the scene. Before long, he has identified the deceased as Krister Berggren, a bachelor from the mainland who has been missing for months. All signs point to an accident—until another brutalized corpse is found at the local bed-and-breakfast. But this time it is Berggren’s cousin, whom Thomas interviewed in Stockholm just days before.

As the island’s residents reel from the news, Thomas turns to his childhood friend, local lawyer Nora Linde. Together, they attempt to unravel the riddles left behind by these two mysterious outsiders—while trying to make sense of the difficult twists their own lives have taken since the shared summer days of their youth.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

July Wrap up - Book Haul & What to Expect Next Month

Welcome, welcome my dear readers.
Welcome to the blog.

I'm in the middle of my summer vacation and I'm LOVING it. I have all the time to relax and do all the things I love; reading, gaming, diamond painting, meeting friends.
I've been to the Czech Republic for 12 days and that was lovely as well. It's a beautiful country and we were in nature a lot. We have been hiking and it was the perfect vacation, because I didn't want to be in crowded places, so it all worked out.
I have another 1,5 week of vacation and after that I'll prep the classroom for the new school year. I'm excited about that. I really hope a second COVID wave will not hit us and the schools can stay open this school year.

I hope you're having a great summer.
Stay safe, stay healthy, keep reading!