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Sunday Post - Wrap up - Book Haul & What to Expect Next Month

Since February is almost at it's end and my vacation is over, I'll wrap up it up for you. I also wanted to participate in the Sunday Post, hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer
Because of the vacation, I've read a lot of books. Next to that, I'll show you my January/February Book Haul *shame*. I also included E-books and copies that I received from the writers. Don't look at me like that! I'm a Bookjunie...
At the end of this post, you can take a look at the books that are expected to be reviewed next month.

What book are you excited about to read next month?!
(I'm so excited about Gemina!!)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review: The Council (Witch's Ambitions Trilogy Book One)

Author: Kayla Krantz
Started reading: February 21st 2017
Finished the book: February 25th 2017
Pages: Unknown
Genres: Fantasy, Magic
Published: Expected March 1st 2017
Source: Got a digital copy from Kayla Krantz for an honest review
Goodreads score: 4.71
My score:

The council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five, a region entirely inhabited - and split apart - by witches with verying powers. Lilith Lace, a witch thought to be born powerless, happily resides in Ignis, the Coven of Five, until she suddenly develops telekinesis, an ability only seen in some witches born in Mentis, the Coven of the Mind. When the Council finds out about her odd development, she's taken under their wing and is finally told the truth - everything she's learned about the Land of Five, herself included, have been nothing but lies.

My thoughts
I love witches, so I was excited to start reading this book. I got sucked right into the story and found Lilith to be a very passionate character. Definately a good book, some little things that made me give the book 4 apples.

  • Worldbuilding: The first pro is definitely the worldbuilding. It's unique in it's genre and I really feel like everything is thought through. I would've loved a more detailed description of the Five different Covens! I also feel that's it's so cool that the Covens are not your standard, Fire, Wind, Earth, Water stuff. Like I said, some unique worldbuilding.
  • No insta love: YES! FINALLY. A fantasy book without the INSTA LOVE. Sometimes it just drives me crazy to read a great book and then taste the sourness of insta love. Don't get me wrong, insta love is not something I despise, but it's just used too much and too often in my opinion. Ofcourse there is romance in this book and enough feelings, but I'm so glad that there is no insta love. THANK YOU KAYLA.
  • A lot of questions: I love the feeling that you go on a trip with Lilith to find the answers to her questions. And I also felt the rage and despair of no one giving her the answers she (and you with her) wants. Made the book a great set-up for a sequel though!
  • Cliffhanger: Are you kidding me? This final chapter.. Makes me NEED the next book. I can't wait to read about Lilith and the Land of Five again. About the Covens and the Council. The cliffhanger at the end of this book is promising, strong and a great set-up.
  • Not much tension: While you search for the answers in this book and learn more about the Land of Five and the dangers, I never felt real tension. Lilith was never in grave or real danger, to my opinion and it lacked tension at some points. I really hope that if there comes a sequel, there will be more tension, more WTH-parts.
  • More humor: I loved the rare parts where there is humor and jokes between the characters. That's something promising and I would love to see more of it. It could be used to give some characters more personality. The book had me laughing out loud at some points, would've liked more of it.
Okay, I gotta  be honest with you, you want that, right? I thought this book wasn't gonna be this good. This book suprised me and I have to give Kayla Krantz a little applause. The worldbuilding and depth in Lilith's character are the strong parts in this book. Looking forward to the next part.

Memorable quotes from this book
""You know, without your cloack of burning rage, you almost look like a girl," he teases with a wink at me."

"There are things in life that you must face alone. Birth is one of them, death is another."

"The way I see it, you can live your life as it is, continuing to feel like an underdog, or you can step up. Be someone who matters, and make a change."

What world would you love to visit from a fantasy book?
(I would love to visith the Night Court from ACOTAR, together with Rhysand, ofcourse)


Friday, February 24, 2017

Review: Blue Monday (Frieda Klein, #1)

Author: Nicci French
Started reading: February 21st 2017
Finished the book: February 23rd 2017
Pages: 370
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
Published: May 1st 2011
Source: Bought the book
Goodreads score: 3.75
My score:

Monday: five-year-old Matthew Faraday is abducted. His face is splashed across newspaper front pages. His parents and the police are desperate. Can anyone help find their little boy before it is too late?
Psychotherapist Frieda Klein just might know something. One of her patients describes dreams of seizing a boy who is the spitting image of Matthew. Convinced at first the police will dismiss her fears out of hand, Frieda reluctantly finds herself drawn into the heart of the case. A previous abduction, from twenty years ago, suggests a new lead - one that only Frieda, an expert on the minds of disturbed individuals, can uncover. Struggling to make sense of this terrifying investigation, Frieda will face her darkest fears in the hunt for a clever and brutal killer.

My thoughts
This book is a little different from your other detective thrillers. This is the POV from a psychotherapist, what makes it different. When you put the pros and cons next to each other, it was an average book.

  • Nicely written: This book is a nice read and you can speed through it, even if you're not really fond of the book. The story develops very fast and it never feels "slow" in any way. Eventually all the people in this book play their part and add something to the story.
  • Conversations: I LOVED the conversations in this book. It's just a straight up conversation, like the ones in real life. It's not the "he said, she said" thing, with a lot of useless information between the lines. I was looking forward to the conversations the whole book. This was really one of the greater parts, in my opinion.
  • Psychotherapist: The POV in this book is unique to me. I've never read something where a psychotherapist is involved. This gives a whole new layer to the crime genre, what makes this book unique in it's genre.
  • Not thrilling enough: When I finished the book I kinda felt numb. I wasn't thrilled or shocked, I didn't really feel anything. The book never really gets this thrilling vibe, where you want to keep reading to figure out the plot.
  • Frieda Klein: Altough this woman feels like a strong one, who is an expert in her field, she feels cold. It's kinda felt like she doesn't grant herself permission to be happy. She doesn't want the loving boyfriend, she want's to walk in the cold, dark, empty city, she want's to come home alone, to sit there alone.. It felt like too much punishment for herself. I didn't really get an explanation why she is treating herself that way. It interfered with me seeing her as this strong woman.
  • Unbelievable story: The plot as a whole story feels a little bit unbelievable. I can't tell you too much without spoiling, but it's just too much coincidences stacked up on top of each other what makes the plot.
I was never really thrilled and at the end of the book I felt a bit like this...

Other opinions about this book
"Fast-paced and spooky... it leaves readers with the promise of intriguing tales to come."
- People

"A neat puzzle with a satisfying resolution and a terrific twist at the end."
- The New York Times Book Review

"Unrelenting... Unnerving... Unforgettable. Psychologial dynamite."
- Alan Bradley, bestseling author of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

What's your favorite character from a detective/thriller series?
(Mine is Sara Linton from the Grant County series by Karin Slaughter!)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Review: Salt to the Sea

Author: Ruta Sepetys
Started reading: February 7th 2017
Finished the book: February 23rd 2017
Pages: 393
Genres: Historical Fiction, YA
Published: February 2nd 2016
Source: Borrowed from library
Goodreads score: 4.37
My score:

Winter, 1945. Four teenagers. Four serets.
Each one born on a different homeland; each one hunted, and haunted by tragedy, lies... and war.
As thousands of desperate refugees flock the coast in the midst of a Soviet advance, four paths converge, vying for passage aboard the Wilhelm Gustloff, a ship that promises safety and freedom.
Yet not all promises can be kept.

My thoughts
At first I was not that excited. The book is a bit of a struggle to get in. The last 100 pages gets you going. Thinking about the fact that this really happened, I feel aweful...

  • Based on a true story: The cruelty and the lost of so many people in the war, is shocking. We've all heard from WWII, and what happened, but we did not hear about the Gustloff and what happened on the Baltic Sea. This was totally new for me and I feel thankful to have learned more about what happened and to be aware of this fact. I always feel that books that are based on a true story, give you more than just the story. You learn what truly happened in a world that we live in.
  • There were kind people in the time of war: What is so strong about this book is that it's not the standard "The German are the enemy" book. In this book people from different homelands get connected and try their best to comfort and help eachother while taking care of themselves. I think it's not right to always think the German were the evil people in WWII. There were also the kind people who tried their best to help others and who did not accept what was happening.
  • Little cliffhangers each chapter: It makes you want to continue reading. The little cliffhangers at the and of a chapter, make sure you read the next, and the next and the next chapter. That's strong about the book and it felt like this carried me throught at some points.
  • Really slow start: The book had a really slow start for me. I understand that the story needs to build up, you need to get the characters going and give an impression of the world.. But at some point in the book, somewhere in the middle, I felt like; "Whats the point?" "Where is this story taking me?". It felt a bit too slow, not really going somewhere. Around page 250/300 the story really get's to the point where it wants you to be.
  • Different POV's: This is not always a con, but in this book it was. You keep switching from character to character. The chapters are only 2/3 pages long, so you "stay" with a character for 2/3 pages and you skip again. Reading about another character, someone else's thoughts, is not the bad thing. It just doesn't really suck you into the story when you have to adapt all the time.
So.. Always when I see a movie about war, read a book about war, all those innocent people dying.. I feel a bit like this.

Other opinions about this book
"Superlative... Masterfully crafted... A powerful work of historical fiction."
-The Wall Street Journal

"Compelling for both adult and teenage readers."
-New York Times Book Review

"Haunting, heartbreaking, hopeful and altogether gorgeous... One of the best young-adult novels to appear in a very long time."
-Salt Lake Tribune

Memorable quotes from this book
"I wept because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet."

"I became good at pretending. I became so good that after a while the lines blurred between my truth and fiction. And sometimes, when I did a really good job of pretending, I even fooled myself."

"War is catastrophe. It breaks families in irretrievable pieces. But those who are gone are not necessarily lost."

What's the best book you've read with the topic war?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: February (Calendar Girl, #2)

Author: Audrey Carlan
Started reading: February 19th 2017
Finished the book: February 21st 2017
Pages: 102
Genres: Erotic, Romance
Published: February 20th 2015
Source: Kindle
Goodreads score: 3.95
My score:

Mia Saunders continues her mission to bail out her comatose father whose life is on the line to a dangerous loan-shark who happens to be Mia's ex-boyfriend. For this journey she serves as a high-priced escort to French artist named Alec Dubouis in Seattle, Washington.
A muse. Me. The motorcycle riding, ass-kicking, concert t-shirt wearing chick from Las Vegas, is a world-renowned French artist's muse. For a month. I had no idea when I took the escort job with Exquisite Escorts I would be standing naked in front of a blank canvas in a Seattle warehouse.

My thoughts
The first book in this series felt a little unrealistic to me. I really hoped this book would take that feeling away. But yeah.. You don't always get what you want.

  • Quick light read: This book is a quick one. It doesn't have much pages and you rush through them really fast. The story is written as a fast paced story, so that is nice.
  • Wes: I really felt like Wes was a keeper in the first book. It's nice that he checks up on Mia and that she has not forgotten him. Makes the first book a little more believable. Next to that; I'm fond of Wes. He's a cool, sweet, goodlooking guy, so I liked to hear from him again!
  • More emotions from Mia: Mia felt like a robot in the first book, if you don't consider the fact that she fell in love with Wes. In this book she is vulnerable, she is worried about her sister, her father and she shares memories. I liked the fact that she shows a bit more of herself.
  • Unrealistic: It still feels unrealistic to me. A girl who is in big trouble, who gets hired as an escort by her aunt and gets to work for only sweet goodlooking guys. I'm pretty sure, if we ask some escorts from real life, they don't always work for goodlooking, sweet rich guys. It would be awesome to read a month where Mia is not falling for the other person and doesn't have hot steamy sex all the time. Then we have the orgasms and the tears. Way too many quick orgasms, way too many quick tears. Even the passing out frequently during or after the sex.. It's just weird to me.
  • Alec: He is annoying. He's too dreamy. With the typical French artist, long hair and a beard hippie description. It's just too easy. He lacks personality in my opinion, where Wes did feel like a real person.
  • Raging about her sister studying: What really felt dumb to me, was a part in the book where Mia's sister is talking about a course she is following. It has something to do with pathology and Mia is raging about this. She doesn't want her sister to deal with death people. I felt like; WHAT!? You're screwing a different guy every month for money because of your aweful ex-boyfriend almost killed your father and you're raging about your sisters UNIVERSITY CLASS?! Nope.
When there was another sex scene, I felt a bit like...

Other opinions about this book
"Book 2 was just as good as the first book in the series. I'm looking forward to March and meeting client number 3."
- Author Groupies

"Damn Audrey did it again! Made me smile, made me laugh & made me cry with her beautiful words! I am in love with these books."
- Hooks & Books Book Blog

Memorable quotes from this book
"Yet, I can still love you and set you free. But you will always carry my love with you when you go, and forever. That piece of my love is yours for as long as you live."

Mixing It Up

Hello there 😊..

Just a little heads up from my side of the screen.

I'm a blogger for a month and a half now. I've  been struggling with the layout and the subjects that I want to talk about in my blog. I'ts still not the depth that I wanted to create, mostly for myself.
Wanted to give you the update that the layout of my posts will probably change a bit.

I'm still reconsidering and my next few posts may change from the way you knew them before. Feel free to let me know what you think! All feedback is welcome.

Keep on reading! 📖

Review: Our Chemial Hearts

Author: Krystal Sutherland
Started reading: February 11th 2017
Finished the book: February 21st 2017
Pages: 244
Short review: feelings, falling in love, high school, mysterious girl
Published: October 4th 2016
Source: Celebrate Books Box - I own the book
Hearts: ❤❤❤❤♡

This is one of the strong points of the book, but also the reason I gave the book 4 hearts and not 5. I LOVE the different personalities in this book. Henry is great, a boy that can talk about his feelings, or write about his feelings. I love the conversations he has with his best friends and parents. Grace is the reason I gave the book 4 hearts. I can totally understand when someone is broken by something that happened to them, but Grace is too selfish in my opinion. I feel like she is playing with Henry and his feelings and that made me kinda sour. Since Henry is falling in love for the first time and she doesn't really consider his feelings in her actions...

Henry is living in the basement with his parents and he's attending high-school. Those are the main parts where the book takes place. I can appreciate the fact that this is not your "bully-type"of high-school. Henry descirbes his school as a nice place to be, and I like this!

Henry has never been in love. Not the real head over heels type of love. When Grace appears at his school, he is intrigued by this mysterious girl. She wears boys clothes and walks with a walking stick. Together they start working on the school-paper and become friends. Henry is feeling more than just friendship and takes some bold steps to win Grace over.. But Grace is carying a great secret.. This book is a great read, you rush through the book and want to keep reading. I never had struggles to keep reading and the book is written pretty light altough it also discusses harsh subjects.

There are some plot-twists in this book. Not major ones that totally flip the story, to my opinion. Ofcourse there were some little things that I did not see coming. There were also things that I saw coming that did not happen, so the book can get you on a wrong track, liked it!

If you like a book with "all the feels", you should read this one. Has a lot of feelings, sarcasm and a bit of mystery. It's a nice book for a quick read.

Goodreads Review:
Review Our Chemical Hearts

Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Outlander (Outlander #1)

Author: Diana Gabaldon
Started reading: January 16th 2017
Finished the book: February 19th 2017
Pages: 896
Short review: Romantic, 1700's, Scotland, fantasy, doesn't feel like a long book
Published: July 26th 2005
Source: Bought the book
Hearts: ❤❤❤❤❤

The main character is Claire Randall, who is living with her husband Frank Randall after WWII. By accident she ends up in Schotland in the year 1743. Shocked by what happened she gets to know a bunch of Scottish warriors and among them the young Jamie. Claire slowly builds a life for herself and seems happy. But at some point she has to make a choice between Frank and Jamie.
I truly LOVE Claire. She is my #1 heroine. She is fierce, considerate, full of passion and a very believable main character. Next to Claire you have Jaime, another main character to me. Jaime is a great, strong Scotish guy. He is so stubborn and knows what he wants, I love those aspects about him. The chemistry between Claire and Jaime is great, especially when they fight.
The side characters really provide a nice aspect to the story. It's a very strong set-up and a great tought through set of people.

The world-building is the aspect that makes this book great. I'm also very fond of the 1700's. I was able to picture the places very well, even though I've never been to Scotland (cry). The way the scenery is described is so full of life, colours and even smells. I could picture everyting very easily in my head and that's what makes this long book easy to read. One of the better aspects in this book!

I've heard some people say this book is "slow" or has "slow" parts, but not for me. It really felt like a quick book, even though I've been reading it for over a month. I was very busy with other books and buddyreads as well, but I could easly read a 150 pages of this book within 2 hours. I always felt excited to read this book. The storyline never gets dull, there is always something that keeps the story interesting, but it won't rush you out of this book. At some point Claires life is calm and without too much thrills, but the way the story is build, it's still interesting without all the action and tension.

The story has some plot twists and some situations where I couldn't see an way out. The plot twists are exactly enough to my taste. This book is not build on the plot twists and I like that! It sometimes felt like some of the important characters could easily die in this book, so that keeps you on edge.

If you like the 1700's and are interested in the Middle Ages this is a book for you. It felt like a quick read to me and the world building is the best aspect of this book. I recommend this book if you like historical books with a touch of romance.

Goodreads Review:
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Friday, February 17, 2017

Review: Pretty Girls

Author: Karin Slaughter
Started reading: February 7th 2017
Finished the book: February 17th 2017
Pages: 548
Short review: Thriller, gruesome, missing girls, murder
Published: September 29th 2015
Source: Kindle

Both the "main" characters, Claire and Lydia, start off as women you wouldn't like very much. You get to know them a little bit better, and I'm still not sure if I like them a lot. If I compare them to Paul, Claires husband, both Lydia and Claire are angels. You really think Paul is the best husband ever, a dreamguy. Just read the book, you'll get to know him a bit better...

The world that Claire is living in, was a dreamworld until her husband was killed. After the murder she finds some disturbing files and videos. Claire learns that her world wasn't as perfect as she tought it was. Lydia finally has a stable life, after years of drug use, until Claire needs her help.

This story takes place in a world where you can trust nobody. Not even the authorities. It was really strong of Karin Slaughter to write a book from "the other side". In most of her books, the main characters are working for the police. This book was a nice change.

It's what you can expect from Karin Slaughter. A lot of questions arise at the first chapters. Together with the main characters you search for answers. While reading, the story unfolds and you learn what happened and what secrets where kept for years. It's a great storyline. Something I have not read before. The story is unique and a real thriller.

There are some great plot twists. Some bigger than others. There is one that I did not see coming; I won't spoil. Some things were figured out real quick, and the ending wasn't the strongest either, to my opinion (It's a gruesome book, so I had hoped for a gruesome ending). That's why I gave the book 4 stars, instead of 5.

Another great thriller by Karin Slaughter. You know you will be reading a great book when her name is on the cover. It's so cool that this book isn't the POV from the police. I like the fact that she did something "different". A good thriller.

Goodreads Review: 
Review Pretty Girls

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Review: The Night Eternal (The Strain Trilogy, #3)

Author: Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan
Started reading: January 24th 2017
Finished the book: February 7th 2017
Pages: 367
Short review: End of the world, vampires, epic ending, action-paced
Published: October 25th 2011
Source: Bought the book

You continue with the people you met in the previous books. The ones that survived the first two books will be there for this last book. Be prepared to lose a lot of the main and side-characters. This really is the last book in this series. 

This is maybe one of the best parts of the book. 2 years have passed since book 2 and the world is a dark place... I really feel that some authors are scared to make the world in their book a really bad place. In this book, the world is aweful. I really don't know if I would be able to live there. This makes the book unique and awesome to read. The world building also makes you wonder about the ending of the book.. I actually felt that there wouldn't be a "happy" ending in any case.. LOVED IT!

The characters from the previous books are in a world that is kinda "fucked up". Pardon my French. The Master has taken over and made camps for the people who haven't turned into vampires/strigoi. They have to work there, give blood and give birth to kids with blood type B (the best blood). In the mean time, there is a rebellion going on. Those people are trying to figure out how to kill The Master and take back the world. You should read the book to find out if they succeed..
Side note; I really don't like the way the vampires/strigoi on earth are explained. There is some "angel-stuff" involved and it didn't satisfy me.

This isn't a book for the biggest plot twists. You read the story from different points of view and the spectacular parts are mainly in the action paced parts. The biggest plot twist is the ending. The book really works up to a great finale and it could go either way...

I thought this book was better than the second book, but I gave that book 4 hearts too, because of the ending. I still feel the first book is the strongest, but this book has a good second place in this series. It's action paced and really works to an ending for this series. I like the fact that the book feels like an ending. I got the answers I wanted.

Goodreads Review:
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