Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: Our Chemial Hearts

Author: Krystal Sutherland
Started reading: February 11th 2017
Finished the book: February 21st 2017
Pages: 244
Short review: feelings, falling in love, high school, mysterious girl
Published: October 4th 2016
Source: Celebrate Books Box - I own the book
Hearts: ❤❤❤❤♡

This is one of the strong points of the book, but also the reason I gave the book 4 hearts and not 5. I LOVE the different personalities in this book. Henry is great, a boy that can talk about his feelings, or write about his feelings. I love the conversations he has with his best friends and parents. Grace is the reason I gave the book 4 hearts. I can totally understand when someone is broken by something that happened to them, but Grace is too selfish in my opinion. I feel like she is playing with Henry and his feelings and that made me kinda sour. Since Henry is falling in love for the first time and she doesn't really consider his feelings in her actions...

Henry is living in the basement with his parents and he's attending high-school. Those are the main parts where the book takes place. I can appreciate the fact that this is not your "bully-type"of high-school. Henry descirbes his school as a nice place to be, and I like this!

Henry has never been in love. Not the real head over heels type of love. When Grace appears at his school, he is intrigued by this mysterious girl. She wears boys clothes and walks with a walking stick. Together they start working on the school-paper and become friends. Henry is feeling more than just friendship and takes some bold steps to win Grace over.. But Grace is carying a great secret.. This book is a great read, you rush through the book and want to keep reading. I never had struggles to keep reading and the book is written pretty light altough it also discusses harsh subjects.

There are some plot-twists in this book. Not major ones that totally flip the story, to my opinion. Ofcourse there were some little things that I did not see coming. There were also things that I saw coming that did not happen, so the book can get you on a wrong track, liked it!

If you like a book with "all the feels", you should read this one. Has a lot of feelings, sarcasm and a bit of mystery. It's a nice book for a quick read.

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  1. This is a book I'm really intrigued by! I've seen some really mixed reviews but I'm definitely going to have to read it at some point to make up my own mind!

    1. It's a great quick read! You should deffinately try it :)

  2. I've been looking for my next "all the feels" book. I'll check out this one. Thanks for the review Esther :)

    1. Hi there. The book is a great "all the feels" book! Have fun reading it :)


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