Review Policy

Since I started this blog, I've been getting requests to review books. I've made you a Q&A to be sure we speak the same language.

Do you accept copies of books for reviews? 
- Momentarily, I've been swamped with reviews. I need to work through the list first. You can try to send me an e-mail but I'm very critical right now on what I accept and what not.

What format of books will you accept?
I prefer holding and feeling a book when I read it, so a paper book is very welcome, but I understand that printed copies are expensive to provide. I have a Kindle, so MOBI file would be best. I also accept PDF or EPUB.

What genres do you review?
- Feel free to ask me for any genre. I like to be surprised. I usually don't enjoy self-help books, poems or memoirs, but I'm not afraid to try anything new!

Can I expect a review on your blog if you accept my book?
Currently I've been getting so much requests (over 200), it can take a VERY LONG while before I read your book.... Very, very,very loooooonnnnggg.

Are you going to be nice in your blog if you dislike the book?
- Nope. You will get my opinion if you ask for a review, and I will give you my honest opinion.

What's the best way to contact you?
- You can find me on Goodreads. You may also use the page "Contact Form" here on my blog, to send me an e-mail. It's best to use the subject "Book review". You can also email me personally to: 
Please add a GOODREADS LINK to your email!

Do you always respond to requests, even if you're not interested?
- Yes.

Are you going to write about the book somewhere else?
- Yes, on Goodreads.

-- Updated on February 26th 2018 --