Rating System

First; I need to tell you that I rate books with my heart, I don't think about it too long...

I thought it would be nice for you to learn more about the way I'm rating the books.
I'm using apples for my blog to rate books. It varies from 1 apple to 5 apples. I will explain to you what those apples mean.

 = This book was AWESOME! It's a favorite! I've got nothing to complain about. Couldn't put the book away. Loved the writing style. Loved the characters. Loved the storyline. Loved the world building. Loved the plot.

 = I really liked this book! Most parts of the book were great. I did have some little things that were not right to my opinion (could be anything that varies from characters, to writing style, to world building, to plot), but I highly enjoyed this book.

 = I liked this book! Wasn't the greatest ever, wasn't horrible too. Just in the middle. It wasn't hard to finish this book.

 = Meh.. There are a lot of things about this book that should change. This book has a lot of aspects that I didn't like. I did finish the book.

 = DNF! I always rate the books that I did not finish with 1 apple. I try to get into a book and see good things about it for a 100 pages. When I still don't enjoy the book after 100 pages, I give it a good thought and put it away. If a book is horrible and I did finish it, I will also give it 1 apple.

I hope you learned a bit about my rating system. If you have a question, let me know!