Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review: January (Calendar Girl, #1)

Author: Audrey Carlan
Started reading: January 2nd 2017
Finished the book: January 3rd 2017
Pages: 136
Short review: Short book, sexy, not much depth, quick read, erotic.
Published: January 15th 2015
Source: Kindle

Mia is the main character. A girl who is going to work as an escorte to pay off her fathers debts, one million dollars. She gets the job because of her rich aunt, who doesn't seem to care that much about Mia's personal feelings. Mia is set as a "tough" chick, riding her motorbike. She doesn't seem to believe in true love and has a high libido because of a lack of sex the last year.

Mia is going to work for Wes the first month, January. She is attracted to him right away and he also seems pretty interested in her. Wes hired her because he is not interested in all the women who are after him for his money. Mia is supposed to scare all the girls away.
As you may expect, Wes and Mia like each other much more than they would like to admit.

Mia is getting to know the world of people who have a few millions to spare. You don't get too much details about the parties, the focus is mainly on Mia and Wes and their interaction. Mia is visiting some of the parties with Wes, but the whole story takes place the most in the bedroom. (as you would expect). The story stays at Wes' house the main part of the book. Expecially the bedroom, hers and his, and the pool.

Mia is going to work for Wes the largest part of the book. She is supposed to be there 24 days. The main parts of this book are about the hot and steamy sex Wes and Mia have and some of the parties they attend. After a month, Mia is supposed to go to another client.

Not much. You wonder if Mia is really going to go to the next client, since she and Wes really like each other and Wes has a million to spare, so he can pay for the debts of her father. But you already know there is a second book, February, so the plot is figured out pretty quick.

A book with a lot of hot steamy sex scenes. I would clasify this book as an erotic book. I truly hope the other books will not be just rip offs of January and actualy suprise me sometimes.

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