Thursday, April 13, 2017

Review: Lies

Author: T.M. Logan
Started reading: April 10th 2017
Finished the book: April 13th 2017
Pages: 418
Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Published: January 17th 2017
Source: Netgalley
Goodreads score: 4.15
My score:

When Joe Lynch stumbles across his wife driving into a hotel car park while she's supposed to be at work, he's intrigued enough to follow her.

And when he witnesses her in an angry altercation with family friend Ben, he knows he ought to intervene.
But just as the confrontation between the two men turns violent, and Ben is knocked unconscious, Joe's young son has an asthma attack - and Joe must flee in order to help him.
When he returns, desperate to make sure Ben is OK, Joe is horrified to find that Ben has disappeared. And that's when Joe receives the first message...

My thoughts
YES! What a good thriller. This is a book that you should read again when you've finished it, to see all those obvious things you've not registered. This is a book that I've read at the times that I was supposed to sleep, couldn't put it away!

  • Perspective: The POV in this book is so strong. You actually try to find out what is happening and what happened together with Joe. You don't know anything other than what he is experiencing and that's what makes you read the book while being in the dark all the way. Maybe I'm a little na├»ve, that I didn't figure out the plot, but I truly believe this was a really strong plot.
  • Plot twists: This is great! There is so much happening all the time, it's never dull and when you're trying to cope with something that happened, the next surprise is around the corner already. This book is filled with plot twists and a lot of WHAT JUST HAPPENED-moments.
  • Action: So fast-paced. A lot of action is going on and I did not have one dull moment in this book where I felt that it needed faster pacing. It was 418 pages long but that did not feel like it at all!
  • Couldn't put it away: So yeah, I was kinda tired today, because I kept reading. I was waaaaayyyy past my bed time.. And with waaaaaayyy I mean, like, 3 hours or so! I really wanted to finish the book last night, but a little rational voice in my head told me I had to work today, so I finished this book after work.
Are you kidding me?

I need a thriller like this once in a while, a fast paced book where you try to figure out what happened together with the main character. Joe was so likeable and I felt a close connection with him. The plot was great, I did not figure it out and I would easily read this book again in a couple of years. Definitely a favorite!

Other opinions about this book
"So gripping I genuinely found it hard to put down."
- KL Slater, bestselling author of BLINK

"A compelling, twisty page-turner, and that's the truth."
- James Swallow, bestselling author of NOMAD

"Creepy, creepy, creepy... a winner if you like thrillers."
- Women's Way

What's your favorite thriller so far?



  1. I have this on my wishlist!! fast paced and plot twists are totally great news for me especially since this is a thriller!! I really need to have this asap! Great review!

    1. I really hope you enjoy is at much as I did! Happy Easter (if you celebrate)

  2. This sounds great! I love a book with a lot of twists that keeps me guessing. Glad you enjoyed it!


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