Sunday, October 1, 2017

Review: Wrestling Demons

Author: Jason Brick
Started reading: September 26th 2017
Finished the book: October 1st 2017
Pages: 215
Genres: Action, Urban Fantasy
Published: June 19th 2017
Source: Got a digital copy from the publisher
Goodreads score: Not enough ratings
My score:
Varsity wrestler Connor Morgan and his mother moved to Portland, Oregon to get away from his drug-addicted father, but they didn't move away from trouble. At his new high school, three heavyweight wrestlers chase him through the halls. He runs away, in his underwear, past the girl he likes, into the January cold.

Then something weird happens.

My thoughts
I actually just leaped into this book. I didn't want to be influenced, since the cover doesn't really speak to me and I did like the bookblurb. So I had mixed feelings and just decided to go in blank. Turns out I liked the main character a lot, this story is pretty unique and has great side characters and a lot of action!

  • Well thought through: This story is that kind where a lot of questions arise and where you hope they'll be answered. It's such a pity to me, when an author leaves "gaps" and your questions are unanswered. That's NOT the case in this book! I had questions, a lot of them, and felt pleased at the end of the book. The story slowly unfolds, gets going, spins out of control and leaves you with a satisfied feeling.
  • Pretty creepy: At some point in the book, when I was reading this at night, with the curtains open, I got a very creepy feeling. The "monsters" in this book are described pretty well and the way they "feed" on bad feelings gave me the chills. Love it!
  • Characters: I like Connor, he's caring, hard working and made something of his life, despite his rough youth. I like the side characters as well, the book isn't that long, but the characters have a developed character. I was able to keep them apart, even though there are a lot of side characters. That's a great pro!
  • Yokai - Oni: These creepy monsters are like I've never seen before! It's so unique, how those shadow monsters feed on negative thoughts. I love how that intertwines with the wrestling and the inner self and the positive thoughts that Connor tries to keep, even though things spin out of control. It's so well thought through. 
  • Um...: Connor is saying "Um" in this book maybe 73 times? It got a bit annoying and didn't add anything to the story. I can understand when a person doesn't have a good respond or has to think about things, but it got a bit much at one point.
  • Talking posters: The talking posters in Connors bedroom felt a bit odd. It was a bit childish to my opinion, since Connor is very mature because of the things he went through. It didn't really match his personality to my opinion. I do like the fact that Connor has "inner conversations" but I would've liked them more if it would just be Connor thinking things through instead of a set of talking posters.
  • Susan: Nope. She does not deserve Connor. She is unreasonable, jealous and I got the feeling that she wants Connor to be someone he is not. I did not like her at all and would've loved to see a more caring person for Connor.
Even though this book had some little things I did not like, I loved the story overall. It's pretty unique and I believe every Urban Fantasy lover would like this story. It's an easy read with a lot of action and a unique set of monsters to be scared of!

Other opinions about this book
"Good and evil, witty banter... and of course good action. Jason Brick mixes all this well together in a fast-paced, young adult novel." 
- Douglas Sedivy

"A perfect balance of dramatic action, entertaining humor, and honest relationships." 
- Heather Ransom, author of Going Green

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