Friday, December 22, 2017

Review: An American Cage

Author: Ted Galdi
Started reading: December 11th 2017
Finished the book: December 21st 2017
Pages: 297
Genres: Action, Thriller, Crime
Published: October 16th 2017
Source: Netgalley
Goodreads score: 3.88
My score:
Three inmates break out of a maximum-security prison in Texas, one of them Danny Marsh, a suburban man in his twenties who landed in jail because of a crime he never intended to commit.

An American Cage, a “tale of convicts on the run that convincingly examines their psychological states” (Kirkus Reviews), follows Danny and his two escape partners over a twenty-four-hour period as they struggle to cross Texas to freedom in Mexico. On this dangerous adventure, Danny has to evade the rabid Texas authorities, and even worse, the schemes of one of his closest allies, who isn't who he seems.

My thoughts
It's been a while ago that I've read a Crime Thriller. Have been reading a lot of Fantasy, so picking up another genre was very refreshing.
I enjoyed this book a lot and I can totally see a movie made out of this story. I was able to picture everything in my head so easily and the book was never dull.

  • Action: There was the necessary amount of action in this book, right from the start. It kept me reading and kept me curious what was about to happen next. I see a lot of books that start with action and end with action and have a lot of talking in between, but that wasn't the case in this book. It had action all throughout the story!
  • Different storylines: At some point, the story is taking place in different areas with different characters involved and I like the fact that you experience the story from all sides. Things happen at one place, that have effect on the characters, who aren't aware of what is happening, and you, as a reader, do have the information. I liked this writing style a lot, you don't see it very often.
  • Little pieces of info: Things happened in the past with the 3 fugitives and I love that you don't get the info right away. It's exciting to keep reading while the author gives you little pieces of information about the past, because I was curious to know more.
  • Not mind-blowing: I liked the story, but it wasn't mind blowing. It's not my favorite ever, and there's not really 1 main reason for it. It's more about "the feelz". I liked the book, it just wasn't worth the 5 stars for me.
An action-packed, and easy to read book with a nice story. I never had trouble picking up this book again and I was hooked! There are some small plot twists and I like the choices the author made. I would recommend this book to Action/Crime/Thriller-lovers!

Other opinions on this book
"Endings for each of the individual characters are rock-solid and indelible. A tale of convicts on the fun that convincingly examines their psychological states."
- Kirkus Reviews

"Nail-biting adventure that digs deep into the psychological thriller it rapidly becomes."

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