Friday, January 11, 2019

Review: Seeds of Hatred (Scions Awakened Book 1)

Author: Christian Nadeau
Started reading: January 1st 2019
Finished the book: DNF
Pages: 506
Genres: Fantasy
Published: April 9th 2017
Source: Got a physical copy from the author
Goodreads score: 3.93
My score:
As a former assassin, a man on the run for years, Marac survived taking on odd jobs, living on society’s fringe, never putting down roots for fear of having to run again. Until he’s hired to steal a trinket from the Brotherhood.

Newly graduated, Soren is ready to shoulder the responsibilities that come with an officer’s commission. Serving in the Brotherhood of Khan is a privilege, one he abandoned everything for. But when an Angel calls on him, he knows his first assignment is more than it seems to be.

As a Lightbearer, gifted with the power to shape light to her will, Alex lived a sheltered life in Tyranor’s monastery. Should the Brotherhood find out what she was, they’d kill her, but the monastery is underground, safely hidden from their prying eyes.

Then it all comes crashing down. A terrible game is played, and when the powerful move, pawns are doomed to be sacrificed.

My thoughts
Even though I DNF-ed this book, I'm not going to give it 1 star. This book is nicely written and I do believe it has a solid story, that's completely made up by the author, including a totally different world, with different factions and a TON of characters. Still, I sadly had to DNF, because I could not concentrate and wan't involved in the story after 110 pages. The book gave me a little bit of a Game of Thrones vibe, and I think that I would try to read this book some other day.

  • Worldbuilding: The book starts off with a map, which is always something I can appreciate. It tells me that the author has a specific view for the world in which the story takes place. Next to this made-up world, this book also contains all kinds of different factions who have magical power, or not. I respect authors who are able to create their own world.
  • Writing: The writing is good, solid. English is not my native language, but I was able to understand what was going on. The writing was what kept me hanging on to this book in the first place.
  • Not a light read: Maybe I wasn't ready for a harsh read. This book was one for me where I shouldn't read anything else next to it. I wasn't able to do that at this time. I kept picking up other books first and that's the main reason that I lost the story. You have to make sure you are up for a harder read if you pick up this book.
  • So many POVS: This is something that I, personally, am not fond of. I love to read books from just 1 POV and bond with that person. The book has SO many characters that I lost track after 100 pages. It wasn't hard to keep track of the 3 "main characters", but keeping track of all the side characters, divided into the different sections, was really hard for me.
  • Action: This book felt like it would be action packed, but that disappointed me a bit. There was some action, but I had hoped for more and I was READY for more! I do hope there is more action to come in the second part of the book. I can't tell you anything about it, since I DNF-ed after 110 pages.
Not a bad book, not a bad writer. This just wasn't the right book at the right time for me. It's a harsh books with a lot of POV's and I wasn't ready for that. 
If you're into Fantasy and liked books like Game of Thrones, this is a book for you! It's always hard for me to DNF books that I promised to read and review. I do want to thank the author for being so supportive and understanding!

Thanks for reading!
I'd love to talk books; please let me know what you think about this book/review.

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