Sunday, September 20, 2020

Two Short Stories #15

Today I will be highlighting two short stories.
One of them is a short story taking place at Wall Street and the other one is a romantic cowboy story.

Let's dive right in.

Wrangler of Wall Street
Author: Jack Page
Pages: ?

At first I want to say that I really like this cover, it fits the story and I just love the picture and the red, white and blue flag.

I liked how harsh the setting of this book is, the coldness of it all. I'm a teacher and this world is so far from what I'm used to. I was intrigued by that.

Sadly, I didn't feel a connection with any of the characters, so I didn't really mind what would happen to them, and I would've loved it if I cared a bit more. I also had trouble keeping up with the conversations, sometimes it wasn't clear to me who was saying what and I couldn't really follow. So from a person not familiar with anything in the finance/business world I would've like it if the conversations were slowed down a bit.

This book did make me interested in reading more about the business/finance world. I was a big fan of the movie Wolf of Wall Street as well and I got Suits vibes from this book. That's all meant as compliments, I think the world building was great.

Title: Beauty and her Luck
Author: Ella Cooper
Pages: 83

I'll start right away with the biggest pro in this book for me; Main characters that weren't naive. If I hate something, it's that main characters can't see things that are so clear for us readers. The two main characters in this book were smart and were able to piece things together with the info they had.

The main characters felt real to me, with personalities that have good sides but also bad sides, like Bella's impulsiveness and her forming an opinion on things too fast. It made them feel so much more real.

The story was nothing the cover suggested. I thought this was an erotic short story, but I felt that it was more to the genre of romance. This really was a love story in my opinion.

I love how the story started and ended with a broken down car, it was just a strong way to end the book.

Both books were fun to read and definitely worth the time.
Did you read any good short stories lately?

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