Tuesday, January 2, 2018

1 Year Blogiversary; Book Of Choice GIVEAWAY!

I have been very excited to write this blogpost!
A year ago I was busy setting up my Blog and within a year I have achieved a lot.
I got to know amazing people, great writers and passionate fellow-bloggers.

In this Blogpost I will give away 1 paperback copy. This will be a book of choice from the Giveaway Book Choice Awards.

Read this post for some cool statistics about my blog and to find out more about the Giveaway.



Every year I'm waiting for the Goodreads Choice Awards. I vote for the books I loved and I'm curious to find out what others loved.
This Giveaway will contain 1 of the books below, that received a Goodreads Book Choice Award 2017.

The winner may select one of these books.

Make sure Book Depository ships to your country!

The Winners, Category Below

Best Fiction - Best Mystery & Thriller - Best Historical Fiction - Best Fantasy
Best Romance - Best Science Fiction - Best Horror - Best Humor
Best Nonfiction - Best Memoir - Best History & Biography - Best Science & Technology
Best Food & Cookbook - Best Graphic Novel & Comic - Best Poetry - Best Debut
Best YA Fiction - Best YA Fantasy & Sci-Fi - Best Middle Grade - Best Picture Book

The winner may choose one of the books below, if Book Depository ships to your country.