Saturday, March 17, 2018

Review: The Rainmaker (Saga of the Chosen #2)

Author: Petra Landon
Started reading: March 2nd 2018
Finished the book: March 14th 2018
Pages: 500
Genres: Fantasy, Magic
To be published: March 30th 2018
Source: Got a digital copy from the author
Goodreads score: Not yet published
My score:
As they race to untangle the past and thwart a power-hungry Wizard, Tasia must face her toughest decision yet. Can she take a leap of faith and risk her deadliest secret?
Tasia Armstrong is no longer a nondescript, friendless and naïve Wizard flying under the radar on the fringes of Chosen society. With her fate now publicly entwined with that of a powerful Shifter Pack, she must navigate the minefield of Pack politics while keeping her secrets and cover safe from the Chosen who hunt her. With a Pack to defend her, a powerful Alpha to protect her interests and friends to watch her back, her life is a far cry from before. But living with the Shifters holds new challenges for a Chosen more used to the shadows.

My thoughts
A year ago I got to know the amazingly sweet author Petra Landon. I read her book and I was hooked and have been in contact with her ever since. The first book in this series is The Prophecy which you should read, because after that you're able to read The Rainmaker. This second book is even better than the first and I'm almost sure you'll fall in love with the characters.

  • Alpha: This Alpha gave me another bookcrush. He kinda reminds me of Rhysand from ACOTAR and I love to have characters like that in a book. Dominant, strong but still having a weak spot which you will find if you observe them well. Putting all others before themselves. I love it!
  • Characters: I loved the wide variety of characters in the first book. It's so nice to get a few additions in this book. I think it makes the story even richer and it also makes sure you don't get "bored" to have the same characters over and over.
  • Beautifully written: The language Petra Landon uses in her books is so beautiful. The words she chooses and the way the story flows are a joy to read. I think I would be able to read a few pages from different books and be able to pick Petra Landon's book out of it. It's so significant and really gives the book a different feeling from other authors.
  • Action: There is so much action in this book and it gives the story a great pacing. The use of magic and the fights and the problems that need to be solved give the story a great flow. There is so much going on that I didn't even feel that I was reading 500 pages.
  • Petra Landon: I need to point this out. This author... Petra Landon is sweet, kind and working so hard. I gave a few markers that could've been better in The Prophecy and I can tell you that she worked on those things. I'm not saying that every author should listen to me, but the fact that she is really curious about my opinion and how she handles feedback is something that I don't see very often in authors.
I don't know...

I have to point out; the book starts a bit slower. I do think those parts are necessary to give the story a good buildup. But if you keep reading you are in for a treat! The books Petra Landon writes are full of great characters and the way she writes is beautiful. I loved the storyline and the worldbuilding and I can't wait to read a third book in this series.
I'm ready!
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