Sunday, March 4, 2018

Teachers4Teachers in Kenya (Sunday Post)

Dear Follower,
I have been promising you for a while now, that I would write a Blogpost on my trip to Kenya. This wasn't just a vacation and in this Blogpost I will tell more about it.
I decided to participate in the Sunday Post, which is a weekly meme to recap your week or share news with your followers!
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Teachers4Teachers is an organisation of volunteers with a Dutch board of 7 people and a Kenyan board of 3 people. T4T aims to improve the development of children through better school management and education.

T4T's motto is to meet, to connect, to learn.

I went to Kenya to exchange ideas, learn from each other, inspire one another and to search for solutions together, all combined with motivation and the same goal; Education is future.

I will capture my trip to Kenya with a picture a day, and tell you a bit more about what I've been doing.

Thursday February 15th.
We flew to Nairobi, then to Mombasa and went to Diana Beach with a bus. The trip all together took about 17 hours. We arrived near the beach. There is a resort there where we can rest and have good food after a long day of work in the Kenyan heat.
Thursday was to settle, the work would start on Friday.

Friday February 16th.
That Friday we went to visit a school in the neighborhood, just to feel how it's going in the Kenyan schools. We arrived to find the kids outside, making a test in the shade under the trees.
After the visit me and my buddy went to meet our Kenyan buddy and we prepared to give a workshop on Saturday.

Saturday February 17th.
After a 3 hour drive up North, we arrived in Mariakani where we would give a workshop to 60 teachers. With a great Zone Officer and a very motivated Head Teacher, we were a strong team. That day we met, we connected and did a bit learning already.
We had a very pleasant day; 67 teachers showed up for our workshop! I felt so welcome.

Sunday February 18th.
Sunday is the day to go to church in Kenya. We went to a church in the neighborhood, and oh... This is one of the best things ever. Going to church in Africa is so much fun. It's a morning full of dancing and singing and joy.

Monday February 19th.
That Monday was the second workshop day. 67 people arrived, again. What a treat to work with such enthusiastic people! We met, connected but did a lot of learning as well. The main goal of the day was to participate in active learning, so the teachers could translate that to their own classrooms.

Tuesday February 20th.
The first day of visiting schools. After the workshops we choose 3 schools to visit and to observe the teachers who participated in the workshop. Afterwards we talk to them about teaching and have a staff meeting. The staff meeting, as you can see in the picture, is to be active as well!

Wednesday February 21st.
That day was a day off. I chose to go on a safari trip where we spotted a leopard, lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras and a lot more animals. After a lunch on top of a mountain we took a trip through the park, back towards Diani Beach.

Thursday February 22nd.
The second day of visiting schools. It was so much fun to connect again with the teachers that came into your workshop. I love how hard they work and what they can manage to do with up to 80 children in their classrooms.

Friday February 23rd.
This is the day that taught me a lot. I will never complain again when I have 30 children in my classroom to teach. I will never say that anything is impossible. The teacher in this classroom was SO sweet, and so patient with 125 children in her classroom. She even took them for a trip towards the village, to take a look at all the animals. I was seized with emotion and surprised beyond words.

Saturday February 24th.
This is the day to celebrate our great days together. I had to say goodbye to those 67 amazing teachers who I created a bond with in those two days. The fact that they buy you presents, sing for you, dance for you, is astonishing. I felt so welcome, I felt so happy, I felt so connected. I cannot explain this with words, you truly have to feel this.

Sunday February 25th.
My buddy gave me this awesome bracelet as a gift and that Sunday was the day to go back home. I also had to say goodbye to the Dutch teachers. Those, you connect with as well. It was one big weekend full of goodbyes. I even felt homesickness back to Kenya and I do hope, with all my heart that I will come back next year.
Because when that opportunity comes by, I will grab it with both my hands.

I learned to be relaxed, to be happy, to teach with all my heart. To tell myself; You are giving your all. You are trying your best. It's all you can do.
Just smile, and always remember; Hakuna Matata.