Sunday, June 17, 2018

Review: The Forgotten Ones

Author: Steena Holmes
Started reading: May 27yh 2018
Finished the book: June 12th 2018
Pages: 345
Genres: Contemporary, Thriller, Mystery
Published: April 1st 2018
Source: Got a digital copy from the publisher
Goodreads score: 4.08
My score:
A spellbinding novel about an unspeakable secret that could destroy a family, from the New York Times bestselling author of Finding Emma.

Elle is a survivor. She’s managed to piece together a solid life from a childhood of broken memories and fairy tales her mom told her to explain away bad dreams. But weekly visits to her mother still fill Elle with a paralyzing fear she can’t explain. It’s just another of so many unanswered questions she grew up with in a family estranged by silence and secrets.

My thoughts
What an amazing thriller by Steena Holmes. This author is able to have you guess every possible outcome, have you guess every character and at some point, you don't even trust yourself! This is a great thriller and if you love the genre, I'm sure you'll love this book.

  • Mysterious: In the first chapter, you ask yourself right away what has happened. I love how the author keeps you in the dark for a very long time. I had absolutely no idea what could've happened and that's especially how I like mysterious thrillers. It's always so sad when you guessed the outcome right, but in this book, I wasn't even able to guess.
  • Doubting everything: I was suspicious of everybody and everything, just like our main character; Elle. She, at some point, doesn't know what to believe either. I love how she is searching for the answers and won't back down. There is a fierceness in her personality and I'm glad she held on till the end.
  • Lots of possible outcomes: There are so many possibilities at what could've happened. At the end, I was still doubting some of the things that happened in the past and I love how you don't get a straight answer to everything.
  • No connection with characters: All though the main character is fierce, I couldn't connect with her. She deserves answers and the way she's treated, like a little child who can't handle anything, makes me mad and annoyed me at some point. It's probably in her personality to not get mad and stuff, but it was hard for me to connect with her this way.
This is that kind of book where the author rewards you with a little bit of information every time you finished reading another piece. The way the plot unfolds is brilliant. There is so much mystery revealing this story and I love how there are a lot of possible endings for this book. If you love a good mysterious thriller, you should read this one!

Other opinions on this book
"Steena Holmes has delivered a thought-provoking thriller that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat."
- The Valley Voice News

"This is fine writing that deserves all the accolades bestowed on this fine artist. Steena Holmes knows her craft. Highly recommended."
- The San Francisco Review of Books

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