Friday, June 8, 2018

Unboxing: Celebrate Books - Lie To Me

Another month, another bookbox! This month with EXTRA thanks to Celebrate Books, because the parcel delivery system lost the bookbox that I was supposed to receive. Luckily, Celebrate Books sent me another bookbox for free and I was happy to receive it this month!

Lets go to the unboxing, because the box was full of lovely goodies!.

This is fanart for Strange The Dreamer and made by BlackBirdInk. There is also a quote card for the book that was in the box this month; The Window

I LOVE this bookmark. I'm such a big sucker for a nice bookmark and this one is great. It's from Cheshire, the cat from Alice In Wonderland, this totally fits the theme Lie To Me. Magnetic bookmarks are such a wonderful invention. The bookmark is made by EpikPage.

This is a XS Jar with the apple from The Evil Queen. I put the little apple jar next to the book Winter from the Lunar Chronicles, because it totally fits the cover. This little jar is made by Sim from Don't rain on my parade.

I have not read A Darker Shade of Magic, but I hear such great things about the book. This is a puzzle from Kell that's a character in the book. The illustration is made by BlackBirdInk. 

The Celebrate Books Quartet Game Cards are AMAZING. This month I had the Bad Boys set in my box and up front you see Draco Malfoy, who is, ofcourse a character that fit's the set very well. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST; the book! I have NOT heard a lot and seen a lot about this book but it feels so mysterious. I absolutely adore the cover, it's a bit creepy and eerie and the blurb makes me curious as well. Also nice to mention; it's a hardcover, yay!

Many many thanks to Celebrate Books for always making lovely bookboxes. Also a special thanks for sending me the box again, for free.

Do you buy book-boxes and what's your favorite theme that you received?

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