Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May Wrap up - Book Haul & What to Expect Next Month

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May is over and that means were going into the second half of 2018.
The weather here is LOVELY. I've had so many sun hours already.
It's also harder, because it feels like summer and I still have to work 7 weeks and I also have to make sure the kids work too.
Luckily we worked very hard the first part of the year, so we can do a bit more relaxing these days.

Reading wise, this was a good month as well and there are so many good books to read! I'm doing a buddyread and I continued reading the Throne of Glass series. My haul this month was one to be happy about too!

I hope you have as much sun as we do here in The Netherlands and I wish you a great month of summer-reading. ☀




What were you most excited about last month?
I'd love to discuss books, so please share your story!

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  1. Hey! As you can see I'm still behind on the blogging front but I've managed to claw my way back from being two months behind to only one! So that's progress, right? 🤣 Your May looked like a great month and June looks like it will be fantastic too with some of those books. I really need to read Illuminae but I'm holding out to get a physical copy because I believe as an ebook the format would be tough... Glad I'm finally able to pop back around here and I hope to keep up with the blogging better!


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