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Review: Gemina (The Illuminae Files #2)

Authors: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Started reading: May 2nd 2018
Finished the book: May 11th 2018
Pages: 659
Genres: Science Fiction
Published: October 18th 2016
Source: Bought the book
Goodreads score: 4.56
My score:
Hanna is the station captain’s pampered daughter; Nik the reluctant member of a notorious crime family. But while the pair are struggling with the realities of life aboard the galaxy’s most boring space station, little do they know that Kady Grant and the Hypatia are headed right toward Heimdall, carrying news of the Kerenza invasion.

When an elite BeiTech strike team invades the station, Hanna and Nik are thrown together to defend their home. But alien predators are picking off the station residents one by one, and a malfunction in the station’s wormhole means the space-time continuum might be ripped in two before dinner. Soon Hanna and Nik aren’t just fighting for their own survival; the fate of everyone on the Hypatia—and possibly the known universe—is in their hands.

My thoughts
I love this series so much. It's so friggin creative, I can't even compare this series to another one, there is nothing like this in the UNIVERSE. I do have to warn you: do not read the cover of Obsidio if you did not read this book yet. I did while reading this one and there is a major spoiler in there...

  • Illustrations: The additional illustrations in this book as a part of Hanna's diary are awesome. I loved the drawings from Marie Lu, I love it when authors collaborate!
  • Format: The formatting is something that I had to get used to in Illuminae, in this book I was just curious what was going to be next. You have the chat format and the emails and the descriptions from the camera's, but there are also some unique formats that you don't see often and I'm always so curious about the next to come.
  • Final sentence: It's such a strong part of a book if it has a final sentence you can remember. I still know the final sentence from ACOMAF by heart, but this book also has one that I will remember!
  • Brilliant: I can't even tell you how brilliant I think Kaufman and Kristoff are. Those 2 may never stop writing books together, seriously. The plot is genius, the format fits everything. The characters are amazing, I love every part of it. The feeling you get when reading such a brilliant story is just great and all the kudos go out to those 2 authors.

  • Creepiness/Horror: What I loved about the first book was the ominous feeling you get. The horror parts and the way the story slowly evolves was so creepy and I'm so fond of it. This book doesn't get the Horror genre from me, because I do believe that it could've been even more creepy, I missed the same feeling that I relished in the first book.
Oh boy, oh boy. What a series. I love the books SO much. The format is so easy to read and you can get through very quick. The characters feel alive and the story has a plot that I haven't seen before. I can't even imagine people not falling in love with the story, maybe not with the format, because some people might not get into it, but no one will ever tell you that the story is not good. I can't wait to read Obsidio.

Other opinions on this book
"A truly beautiful novel that redefines the form."
- Victoria Aveyard, bestselling author of Red Queen

"Out-of-this-world awesome."
- Kirkus Reviews

Memorable quotes from this book
"And blood and tears and screams did not matter anymore, because at least they are together."

"It's not about what I say, right? It's what I do that matters here."

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