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Review: Outrun the Wind

Author: Elizabeth Tammi
Started reading: June 16th 2018
Finished the  book: July 12th 2018
Pages: 360
Genres: LGBT, Fantasy, Mythology
Published: November 27th 2018
Source: Netgalley
Goodreads score: 3.84
My score: 
The Huntresses of Artemis must obey two rules: never disobey the goddess, and never fall in love. After being rescued from a harrowing life as an Oracle of Delphi, Kahina is glad to be a part of the Hunt; living among a group of female warriors gives her a chance to reclaim her strength, even while her prophetic powers linger. But when a routine mission goes awry, Kahina breaks the first rule in order to save the legendary huntress Atalanta.

To earn back Artemis’s favor, Kahina must complete a dangerous task in the kingdom of Arkadia— where the king’s daughter is revealed to be none other than Atalanta. Still reeling from her disastrous quest and her father’s insistence on marriage, Atalanta isn’t sure what to make of Kahina. As her connection to Atalanta deepens, Kahina finds herself in danger of breaking Artemis’ second rule.

My thoughts
The blurb and cover made me want to read this book so bad. The first 30% were confusing to me, some things were vague and didn't make sense and I just didn't understand, I guess. After that it got better, but the story still didn't trigger that much in me. I see pros in this book as well and I do think that this is an okay debut for Elizabeth Tammi.

  • Title: I'm always so satisfied when I understand the title for a book. The title fits this book and when you read it, you will understand at some point why the title was chosen.
  • Love story: I love me a good love story, when people get to know each other and then fall in love, instead of seeing each other and feeling the butterflies already. This was build up slowly and that's what I liked.
  • Truth: Kahina MUST tell the truth at all times and that was such a cool aspect in this book that I haven't seen a lot yet. It was used in a nice way to give the story a little bit more.
  • Writing process: What I appreciated was the author telling you about the writing process at the very end of the book. I felt like I got to know the author better and I liked the way she was thinking about the book and the research she did. I almost gave the book 4 stars, because this addition gave me a bit more insight. I didn't give the book 4 stars, because it wasn't really part of the book.
  • Confusing: There were a lot of names and places that were a bit confusing, as well as the story in the beginning of the book. I couldn't get into it the story for the full 100%, because there were some really big question marks.
  • POVS: Another confusing part. Were following 2 girls in this book. Every time I was switching POV's I had to tell myself a couple of times which POV I was reading now and sometimes I mixed them up and had to start the chapter all over. I felt that there was a lack of personality in the inner conversation and feelings about things. The writing style was exactly the same in the chapters, maybe the author could've chosen for something unique in both POV's.
  • Crying: At some point in the book there is a lot of crying and tears and I'm like: "Why are these fierce warriors crying?". It didn't really make sens and I felt that it was unnecessary for the story and that particular scene.
This book has potential and Tammi as an author triggers me. I am curious what's to come next. I don't know if this book was confusing for just me, or if more people felt like that. I'm curious to read more reviews and see others point of view. If you like Greek Mythology and LGBT stories, this could be a good read for you.

Memorable quotes from this book
"Ugly words don't always mean ugly feelings."

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