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Review: The Summer of Annah: A Labor of Love (The Seasons of Annah #2)

Author: Tinthia Clemant
Started reading: November 10th 2018
Finished the book: December 10th 2018
Pages: 341
Genres: Romance
Published: June 1st 2018
Source: Got a digital copy from the author
Goodreads score: Not enough ratings
My score:
Annah didn’t intend to erase her memories, but a witch should know not to interfere with the plans of the Universe.

After surviving an attack on her life, Annah-Belle Henderson wanted nothing more than to return to her family, friends, and the arms of her new love, Eric Ashworth. Instead, she discovers a dark secret that shatters the foundation on which she built her life, and she finds herself tossed into a world of strangers. Whom can she trust? The brash blonde? The teenager? Or the handsome man claiming to be her lover?

My thoughts
In this series, I really liked the first book. I loved Annah as a character and the book broke a bit of a taboo of an older woman with a younger man. In this book, it was a bit harder for me. The book was longer, but for me the story was less intense. And I felt like I lost Annah as a character, since she has memory loss. It also felt like some of the things that happened were "designed" to make the book more intense. I just still loved the characters, that's what's so strong.

  • Pam: She's such a good friend. She's that woman that everyone wants as a friend. She's always there and knows Annah by heart. She really cares for Annah and tries to do everything that's best for her friend. Pam is honest and I love the way she talks and the choices she makes. She's like a fierce watchdog.
  • Sam: I did NOT like Sam in the first book and I felt that he was a lousy son. In this book, it feels like he's grown up and he cares for his mom. He's so sweet and chill in this book. I love how he wants what's best for his mom.
  • Ending: The ending was nice. I'm curious what's to come next, but I do hope it lives up to the first book. Book number one is still my favorite in this series.
  • Thor reference: It's so annoying how Eric is compared to Thor 500 times in this book. And after each reference there comes a remark about "his hammer". It's just too much and didn't need to be used more than twice.
  • Lying to Annah: I don't like how people are lying to Annah and how obvious it is that something is going on. Annah is acting pretty naive, while she was fierce in the first book.
  • Attack: I felt like one part of the book, where an attack takes place, wasn't necessary for the story. I felt like it was used to lengthen the book and could easily be left out. It was clear to me from 100 miles away that something was going to happen, so it wasn't really that thrilling for me either.
This feels like a totally different book. Where I liked Annah a lot in the first book and didn't like Pam and Sam that much; it's the other way around in this book. Since Annah has memory loss, she is not herself and I lost my favorite character. I'm not sure if this series needed a second book and maybe the first book was good on it's own. Now that it turned into a series, I'm curious what's to come and I do hope the third book is as good as the first one.

Memorable quotes from this book
"I know you enjoy worrying, but you have to stop. Life is too damn short to go creating problems where there aren't any."

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