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Review: How to Remove a Brain: and Other Bizarre Medical Practices and Procedures

Author: David Haviland
Started reading: May 16th 2019
Finished the book: May 23rd 2019
Pages: 182
Genres: Nonfiction, Science, Medical, Historical
Published: August 10th 2017
Source: Got a digital copy from the author
Goodreads score: 4.00
My score:
•Which condition was treated by trapping a child inside a tree trunk?
•Where is the soul found?
•How long does it take to digest chewing gum?
•What are hiccups for?
•Does organ theft actually happen?
•Is it safe to fly with breast implants?
•Did Christopher Columbus import syphilis to Europe?

Taking in everything from the outrageous (yes, Hitler was addicted to crystal meth) to the eye-watering (such as the renowned surgeon who accidentally cut off his patient’s left testicle) to the downright disgusting (like the "cure" for toothache used by the Egyptians involving dead-mouse paste), this book proves that medical science is not for the faint-hearted, lily-livered or weak-stomached!

My thoughts
It was so refreshing for me to read something nonfiction that was educational and full of trivia. I love bizarre facts and bizarre stories, so this title spoke to me right away. Also the fact that the book wasn't too long made me try it. It was pretty fun to read something like this after reading only fiction books! I'm sure I'll always be a sucker for fiction books, but a nonfiction book once in a while won't hurt me.

  • Educational: I've never read something that was this educational to me. I like to watch documentaries and shows that teach me something. I'm actually surprised that I haven't read something like this book before. I also like to know little facts that are pretty useless in life and just use them in random conversations, so this book was excellent to do that!
  • WTF facts: Some of the facts in the book make you read it TWICE, because you'll be like; WHAT?!?! I really like having that feeling while reading a book. In a fiction book, the same effect can be there if there is a big plot twist. This book just threw some awesome little fact in my face and made me.... WTF?!
  • Myths: Some myths are shoved out of the way in this book. Some of those myths were things that I myself believed as well. I really like how this book is about myths and whether they are wrong or right.
  • Could've been more: At some point I got a little bored, because some of the bizarre medical stuff wasn't that bizarre. It could've been waaaaay more for me, I just love crazy freaky things and I felt like some chapters didn't really give me that.
A quick and easy read for everyone who likes to indulge themself in a nonfiction book. The book is filled with some of the most bizarre questions and myths about the human body and medical procedures. I enjoyed reading this and I'm definitely up to read something like this again.

Other opinions on this book
"I'm not going to lie, I read this book with unabashed joy, and in the process I truly feel I learned a lot. Granted, I'm not sure when the information I learned will ever com into play, but it's still all interesting to know, and certainly fun to read, thanks to Haviland's ability to be both educational and whimsical at the exact same time."
- Suchabooknerd

"Any fan of the absurd and/or obscure is sure to delight in this strange (and slightly stomach-turning) book. I love trivia and this book delivers."
- As the Page Turns

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