Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Two Short Stories #4

Today I will be highlighting two short stories.
One of them is a picture book that is so cute, the other book is a horror book by one of my favorite authors. Talk about opposites...

Title: The Kind Dinosaurs
Author: Michael Turner
Pages: 22

This book was so cute. The font is great, I love a nice looking font. The pictures were cute.
This is a book for the very young ones, if I'd see this book as a teacher, I'd use it in pre-K
The fact that the book is about kindness and gives our young ones an idea about kindness in little things is so nice. 

I would like a bit more text though, I do feel the book is very short and I'd like ten more pages or so.
What I also liked were the questions in the end, where you can have a nice conversation with kids about kindness.

Title: Dark Thoughts
Author: Kevin J. Kennedy
Pages: 89

I think this book is a great opportunity for all you readers who are curious about a Kevin J. Kennedy book. I know I have reviewed a lot by him and this short story book will give you just the taste.
The writing is impeccable. It's so flowy, easy to read and I just know when I pick up one of his books, that it's without errors.
The book has the lovely horror stories that I'm fond of. You have the gory, the scary, the WTH-stories and all that you just would love to get out of a short story book.
I think this book is a great showpiece for Kevin J. Kennedy, because I'm sure this book will attract readers to his longer books as well.

Both short stories book are worth your time.
Did you read any good short stories lately?

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