Thursday, July 25, 2019

July Wrap up - Book Haul & What to Expect Next Month

Welcome, welcome my dear readers.
Welcome to the blog!

July is almost over and I'm a bit early, but I will explain that later.
I've been having my summer break for two weeks now. Somehow I always manage to be sick the first week, so that's what I did this year as well.
I've been feeling better for 4/5 days now and have been enjoying my time off.

The Netherlands have been breaking weather records, because it's so warm here. I've never seen these temperatures over here, so I'm trying to not do too much because of the heat.

I have been reading and enjoying all kinds of books. I just love how I have all the time to read during the summer. 

The reason that I'm writing my wrap up now is that I'm leaving for a Croatia-road trip with my boyfriend! I won't be answering any comments or emails but will do that once I'm back.

I hope you'll enjoy the next month! 😎


Pretty Little Liars - Books 1 - 8


Did you read any of the books in this post?
I'd love to discuss books, so please share your thoughts!

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