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Review: Ollie Oxley and the Ghost: The Search for Lost Gold

Author: Lisa Schmid
Started reading: July 27th 2019
Finished the book: July 28th 2019
Pages: 184
Genres: Children's book, Fantasy, Mystery
Published: June 18th 2019
Source: Netgalley
Goodreads score: 4.46
My score:
Twelve-year-old Ollie Oxley is moving — again. His mom is starting another new job, this time at the Bingham Theater in Granite City, California. Moving all the time means Ollie has struggled in the making friends department, but he quickly connects with a boy named Teddy. To Ollie's surprise, though, his first friend in town is a little more... unique than those he's made in the past. Teddy is a ghost.

Befriending someone who lived during the famous California Gold Rush sure does make things interesting for Ollie. But when the school bully, Aubrey, targets Ollie, and it looks like the Bingham Theater might close, the stakes couldn't be higher. Can Teddy and Ollie work together to take down Aubrey, save his mom's job, and solve a mystery years in the making?

My thoughts
I think that this book will be enjoyable for every age. It's a great fantasy story with the nice amount of mystery. I wish that I was able to read it in my Dutch classroom. The story was everything I've hoped for and I'm secretly hoping for a series!

  • All ages: The book reminded me a bit of the first Harry Potter book. It just feels like it would be enjoyable for all ages. The story is you discovering something new together with the main character. The fact that there is a bully in the story together with friendships makes me think of Harry Potter. It's a good formula that will work in a good book.
  • Story line: I was a bit surprised that the book only had 184 pages. I thought that the book was much longer, because so much is happening but it doesn't feel cramped in 184 pages. It's almost 3 weeks ago but I still remember the book very well and I think that is also a great pro; the story line was clear and easy to remember.
  • Sarcasm: The wittiness and sarcasm in this book had me grinning at multiple times. I sometimes felt that the humor and remarks were maybe a bit too grown-up, but I could still appreciate it. If I think about the kids in my classroom, they would enjoy humor like this as well, so that's why I still feel that the humor, sarcasm and wittiness in this book are a big pro.
  • Writing: This book is superbly written. It is so easy to read and get through. I've read it in a day and I was so sad that it was over! I immediately started following Lisa Schmid, because I want to read other books by her. The writing style was so enjoyable and I'd easily read a 300/400 page book by her.
. . .

If you're not scared to read a Children's book and enjoy a bit of mystery and fantasy you will enjoy this book. The writing style is so easy to get through, for fast readers it would be a book that you could read in one setting. I'm just very happy that I was able to get to know Ollie Oxley and Lisa Schmid and I'm a fan already!

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