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Guestpost By Barry E Woodham

Today I'm featuring a Guest Post by Barry E Woodham.

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I am a retired design engineer/ draughtsman who worked for 13 years on the nuclear fusion project and have read science fiction and fantasy all of my life. I have always appreciated the engineering side of S/F and the exploration of the Galaxy. The idea of contact with alien species has fascinated me so one day having nothing to read one lunch time, I started to write Genesis 2.

This was the settlement of the world that was left after the sun turned into a red giant, stripping the layers of gas from Jupiter and destroying the Earth. Underneath the vast atmosphere was a bare world of rock and metals under incredible pressure that would become after being seeded with life, a new home for human beings, millions of years in the future.

There was one problem, the Gnathe got there first. They had settled on the western side of the planet leaving the Eastern side of a vast mountain range empty. This was where the humans settled after being re-created as clones from genetic material stored and manipulated by Nannite beings programed to bring the human race back into existence only to find that the fertile world was a lethal mixture of viruses, bacterial micro-organisms. Life under the domes was the only cause of action.

The two races meet with conflict that turns into co-operation as the Gnathe are instinctive genetic manipulators and use living things as tools. The books will introduce new foes and alien beings that band together to fight against a common foe. Eventually they come up against a being almost as old as time that feeds on the life energy of sentient beings. Eventually the combined federation goes beyond the end of time and becomes part of the next universe. Each book leads to the next in the five volumes and will take the reader on an incredible journey in space and time.

The blending of the two cultures and the subsequent building of a galactic mix of alien beings will take you from the beginning of time to the end of the universe and the building of the next. You will meet the A.I.'s both human created and Kresh. Space Opera that will span across many unique ideas. How would you fly through a star? OR Build wormholes with group minds. Look on Amazon for the reviews of all these books.

Elf War, Molock’s Wand and Star-seed Awakening, charts the reluctant progress of an Elf called Peterkin to become the High King of the Elfin Kingdom spread over parallel universes based on an endless number of Earths. The only difference between Elves and humans are elves are telepathic and have a lifespan of thousands of years and cannot bear the touch of iron. This difference is explored as the saga takes place as Peterkin enters this world and conscripts a band of humans to bring their weapons into his realm and rescue his wife and daughter from being sacrificed to the Dark Elves that will be offered as a peace-making gift by the corrupt High King. A great deal of the storyline occurs on a dinosaur world where the asteroid almost missed and they developed intelligence. The three books will test the mettle of the new King and in the final book he has to face an alien entity that will spread its seeds to dominate all the parallel worlds.

His final struggle is against a sentient tree that Eco-manages whole worlds by seeding them across the empty reaches between the stars and threatens the civilization that is spread over the parallel worlds of the Elfin kingdom. Elves using AK 47's & mind control T-Rex's to hunt down the Dark elves? NOT a fairy tale! You will meet Elves, gnomes, trolls, goblins, dwarfs (Neanderthals) intelligent dinosaurs and humans.

By Barry E Woodham

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