Friday, February 21, 2020

Two Short Stories #8

Today I will be highlighting two short stories.
One of them is a picture book about letters and reading, and the other book is a tropical story about a Tasmanian Tiger.

Let's dive right in!

Title: The Alekizou: and His Terrible Library Plot!
Author: Nancy Turgeon, Patricia Cullen Raine (illustrator)
Pages: 38

As a book blogger, I'm always a fan of books that contain reading, books or libraries. This book totally stole my heart and I always wish that books like this are in Dutch so I can read them to the younger ones.

I loved the pictures and the font in this book. I think these are important factors in a picture book, so the book started of with kudos for that. When I started reading, I found out the book is in rhyme, which I'm such a big fan of. It invites children to participate while reading and also teaches them about words that sound the same.

Talking about educational, this book is FULL of it. First of all, the message behind the story is great. It's about making a mistake, but also making it right again. It's about the importance of reading as well, which is also good to start with at a very young age, it makes the kids EAGER to learn to read.

The playfulness in this book is amazeballs. There is playin with rhyme, playing with words, vowels and sign language. This book screams creativity, creativity, creativity.

Title: The Last Tasmanian Tiger
Author: Lance Morcan
Pages: 29

Well, first of all; I don't want to be rude, and I usually don't judge a book by it's cover... But this book deserves a nicer cover. I would've loved to see a fierce Tasmanian Tiger that fits the way it's described in the story, and I would've loved a vibrant green jungle... The cover like this just falls flat and doesn't fit this story that I liked a lot.

Right in the first page I was happy with the writing style. The book is written with a lot of atmosphere and it was easy to fall into the story.

What I didn't like as much was the fact that in this book you're told multiple times that one of the characters is Filipino. I felt like that one character could've been described in different ways as well, next to being Filipino. It was unnecessary to tell me multiple times, since the story is only 29 pages long and you've just read about it 10 minutes ago.

I'm always amazed how writers can capture a story in only a few pages. I liked the bit of history to this book and the worldbuilding was nice as well.

Some twists in this book were easy to guess, but I really liked the ending. It felt bittersweet and definitely added an extra star to the overall rating.

Both these books were worth my time and I'm glad I got to read them!
Would you choose book 1 or book 2 to read?

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