Sunday, March 15, 2020

Two Short Stories #9

Today I will be highlighting two short stories.
They are both picture books, the thing is: One is for children and the other one for adults!

Let's dive right in.

Title: It's Raining Cats! It's Raining Dogs! It's Raining Bats! And Pollywogs!
Author: Sherry West
Pages: 28

I've been talking about rhyme in my Two Short Stories Posts a LOT. I love rhyme in children's books, because it makes kids involved, and it learns them about sounds in words. This title even rhymed, so I was very happy when I found out that the story was in rhyme as well.

Another thing that I liked were the pictures, they were so cute, with pastel colours and the cutest eyes. I'm sometimes worried with picture books that they may scare children, but not with this book. I do have a little remark about the pictures; I wasn't always able to tell what animal it was, until I read the words, so that was something that I was a bit bummed about. Especially when you want to teach children something with a picture book, I'm not sure if a lesson about animals would be the best choice. All though, some were very easy to recognize, like the horse for example.

I could see teachers using this book for lessons about colours or movement and using it to teach rhyme. So that's a fun aspect in this book!

I'm not giving the book 5 stars, because I didn't really like the story, it didn't really go there, didn't really have an ending, or a plot to work up to. It's still a nice book, especially the colours and the rhyme, those were my favorite things!

Title: Am I Ugly?
Author: Siobhan Hill
Pages: 30

It was so much fun to read a picture book that was meant for adults. The language was colourful and the humor and message behind it were definitely fit for adults.

The drawing style was quite unique and that also fit the audience, I think. I do believe that the drawing style actually fit the Angler Fish as well, it felt like a great harmony.

The story is about the question; Am I Ugly? The fact that a lot of ugly sea creatures are a main role in this book, was ironic and also a very smart choice. The morale behind the story made it even stronger. Instead of choosing an adorable cute colorful fish, the author chose an Angler Fish. 

I loved the playfulness in this book with the colours black and white, but I did miss a bit of colour. The cover is interesting with that splash of green, but the book itself is just black and white, and that was a bit disappointing for me. I just would've loved a bit of colour in the book itself.

Overall, this is a fun, short picture book with a lovely morale, just for adults!

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