Saturday, April 4, 2020

Two Short Stories #10

Today I will be highlighting two short stories.
They are both books that contain around 80 pages. One feels like a fairy tale about a far away kingdom called Grape and the other is a horror like book that takes place in space.

Let's dive right in.

Title: The Kingdom of Grape
Author: Raimo Strangis
Pages: 84

This book was fun and easy to read. The use of language was great for people who are not native English or for younger readers. I think this book does fit all ages.

The illustrations that came with the book were nice. I'm always happy to see some illustrations to get a feel of how the author sees it.

This book felt like someone was actually telling me the story instead of me reading a book. That was a nice feel and added to the fairy-tale feeling that I got from this book.

I did feel at some point that the story could've used some more detail. Some parts were pretty rushed and I couldn't feel involved, because of the lack of detail and the lack of emotion.

The fairy tale way the story felt to me was another layer that made this book fun to read. I'd recommend all ages to sit down half an hour and read this book.

Title: Skinwrapper
Author: Stephen Kozeniewski
Pages: 81

The whole universe that was created around this book, was what stood out first to me. I love emerging in a new world that I don't know and that's made up by an author.

I found it awesome that this book only contained women. That was a nice layer and something that I found out while reading.

The book is not in-your-face and that's a writing style that I like. You figure out things along the way. While reading I also noticed that I didn't know the main-characters name, which I found pretty cool.

I loved the inner speech that's going on in this book. At some point there wasn't much dialogue and I found the inner speech to be a clever solution for that.

The book was really gross, and although I'm a fan of gross books, I do believe that can scare away people. It almost did that to me... It almost crossed my line in groseness.

The ending in this book was clever, smart and really unexpected.

Both books were fun to read and I'd definitely recommend picking them up on a free afternoon.
Did you read any good short stories lately?

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