Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Review: Broken Prince (The Royals, #2)

Erin Watt
Started reading: June 17th 2020
Finished the book: July 1st 2020
Pages: 370 / 08:50:43 hours
Genres: Romance, New Adult
Published: July 25th 2016
Source: Audiobook from library
Goodreads score: 4.06
My score:

Reed Royal has it all—looks, status, money. The girls at his elite prep school line up to date him, the guys want to be him, but Reed never gave a damn about anyone but his family until Ella Harper walked into his life.

What started off as burning resentment and the need to make his father’s new ward suffer turned into something else entirely—keep Ella close. Keep Ella safe. But when one foolish mistake drives her out of Reed’s arms and brings chaos to the Royal household, Reed’s entire world begins to fall apart around him.

Ella doesn’t want him anymore. She says they’ll only destroy each other.

My thoughts
I wasn't the biggest fan of the first book, but it was enjoyable enough to listen to, while driving my car. The thing was that it ended with a huge cliffhanger and I really wanted to know what would happen next. I'm also that person that would like to finish a series if it's not too horrible, so expect more reviews for this series soon!

  • Less drama: There wasn't as much drama as in the first book, and I'm glad about that. I feel that, now that I'm getting... *cough* older *cough* I can't stand all the drama in books. I was glad that this book was more about other things and not so much about high school perils.
  • Personalities: What I really liked is that because there is less drama, the personalities in this book shine a bit more. I LOVE Easton, he's definitely my favorite character in the series and we got to know him a bit better now that everything started off with the first book. The book also changes POV from only Ella to Reed AND Ella. In the audiobook, Reeds part is read by a man, and Ella by a woman, so that was a nice change and addition to the book as well.
  • Cliffhanger: The book ended with another cliffhanger, I'm not sure if I'm the biggest fan, as you can see it's a con for me as well. It does keep me reading, and it does keep the community pumped for the next book. I dove right in, so that's a good thing.
  • Explanation: The explanation about the cliffhanger from the first book, was, in my opinion the biggest BS, seriously. I don't want to spoil, but it didn't fit Reed's character at all if you ask me. I was so disappointed by the explanation and it definitely cost this book a star.
  • Cliffhanger: A pro and a con for me. The first book ended with a major cliffhanger, this one does too. It feels a bit easy, if this keeps happening. You want readers to also continue your series because they love the story and characters, right? Not just because of cliffhangers... That's the vibe that I get if every book in a series ends that way...
Okay, a love-hate relationship with this series for me. I'm listening to it as an audiobook, that helps as well. I'm pretty sure I'd stop reading if it were physical books. But driving to work and from work and listening to these books is pretty soothing to me. I also start to like some of the characters more and I'm still curious what will happen.

Thanks for reading!
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