Saturday, November 14, 2020

Two Short Stories #17

Today I will be highlighting two short stories.
Both are picture books by T.C. Bartlett and they're bot very different!

Let's dive right in.

A Dog Named Zero and the Apple With No Name
Author: T.C. Bartlett 
Pages: 48

I've reviewed one other book by T.C. Bartlett and what I saw right away that his drawing style is easy to recognize. I think that's definitely a pro as an author, that people who liked your books can easily recognize your "writing voice" in other books as well.

I loved how the pictures are sometimes divided in two pages and sometimes take up two whole pages. You have to count, swap the book and read. I think that this makes the book very interactive.

I did feel that the faces of the creatures were kinda scary? I remember begin scared about the weirdest things when I was younger, but it's something in the eyes that creeps me out a little bit. I do find it funny that almost all the faces look the same. 

The fact that it's a book where a little one can learn how to count makes it have a purpose for me. I love when books have meaning, or something educational behind them. The little jokes here and there were funny, especially for me as an adult. I'm not even sure kids would pick up some of the jokes, so I felt like this was a book for all ages!

Title: You Can't Tickle Me
Author: T.C. Bartlett
Pages: 52

When I started reading this book, I noticed at first how packed the pictures were. I could look for a long time and discover new things every time. 

I could see teachers or parents ask kids where to find certain things, because there are also some unusual, not every-day objects.

I did find it a bit weird that the boy was wearing a bag over his head, maybe I missed the meaning of that.

The best thing about this book were the final pages were the author explains all the links with his childhood and the items that he put there. I really feel like that is a personal touch that can give a book an extra, deeper layer.

Both books were fun to read and so, so different!
Did you read any good short stories lately?

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