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10 Books that Deserve More Hype

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Today I'm doing the 10 Books that Deserve More Hype tag.

I will tell you about books that I loved and that deserve much more hype then what they are getting now.

Hopefully you'll discover some new books that pique your interest!

Feel free to join in on this tag, I'd love to know what books you would recommend.

These are my recommended books, in random order.
You can click the cover to see my review.

The Devil's Apprentice
Kenneth B. Andersen

The characters, worldbuilding and morale behind the different books in this series are awesome. I've read the first three books and they were amazing. They gave me Harry Potter vibes every single time. The worldbuilding is amazing, who would've thought that Hell would be so complex.

The Otto Digmore Difference
Brent Hartinger

I've read both books in this series and Otto Digmore is one of my favorite characters of all time. The diversity in this book is something that will, hopefully, open eyes. I remember reading this book in 1 sitting and I was so happy when I read the second book, because I could spend more time with Otto.

Legend of the Stone Keepers
J. L. Trepanier

This was one of the first audiobooks where I could keep my attention to the story. I remember listening to this book while driving my car, and I was excited to keep listening every time. It's recorded by the author and the voices for all the different characters were amazing. This book ended with a BANG and I recently listened to the second book, that one was amazing as well.

Between Us
Mari Suggs

I was a Beta-Reader for this book, so it definitely feels like a little project that I was involved in. The story is one of the loveliest romantic stories I've ever read. It felt very real and I just loved the characters, the character development and the writing quality. Mari Suggs is an author who takes time to write books, instead of pumping out one book after another and I know this because I was a part of the process.

The Art of Taxidermy
Sharon Kernot

If a poetry book can move me, the author did something genius! I am not a poetry fan, so me requesting this book on Netgalley was a big step. I just fell in love with this book. It felt like a small story, because it doesn't contain that many words. But the morale behind the story makes it a big book.

Ollie Oxley and the Ghost: The Search for Lost Gold
Lisa Schmid

I felt like this was a story for all ages, even though it's marked as a Children's Book/Middle Grade book. The storyline was, in my opinion, awesome and I loved the layers of sarcasm in it. I'm a teacher, so I can know; A person is never too young for a nice dose of sarcasm!

Kingdom Cold
Brittni Chenelle

I remember that I was so surprised and moved by this book. One of the strong points was that it was a standalone. So I was actually kind of sad when I saw a second and third book announced a little while after. The POVs in this book were strong and I also thought that the lengt was exactly the way it should be.

Star Child: Awakening
Petra Landon

I've been reading all the books by Petra Landon, and I believe she, as an author, deserves more hype. She writes Fantasy and Sci-Fi and her worldbuilding is flawless. I think that's one of her strongest points. This book had an amazing ending, I needed more, right away!

Letters to Eloise
Emily Williams

This book had a really unique concept, where Flora is writing letters to her unborn child. I remember this book really giving me all the feelz, the last 20% of this book was amazing. It was so moving and made me emotional. I've read it 3 years ago and I still remember every bit of it!

Holy Crap! The World is Ending!
Anna-Marie Abell

This is one of the funniest books I've ever read. I'm still waiting for a second book and I keep checking, every now and then if it's already announced, but sadly I haven't heard anything yet. The chapter titles were amazing, there was a lot of love for food and it made me belly laugh a lot! Next to all those things, the story was amazing as well.

Were there some books that you were curious about?
Did you add any to your TBR?
Did you know any of the books and do you think it needs more hype?

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