Sunday, April 4, 2021

Two Short Stories #22

Today I will be highlighting two short stories.
Both of them are lovely picture books with beautiful illustrations!

Let's dive right in.

Ollie's Garden
Author: Riya Aarini
Pages: 36

This is book three in the series and I've been enjoying book one and two a lot. So I was glad to receive an email that the third book was available!

This book was a delight. Let's start with the beautiful illustrations. I loved them in the first two books, and since nature is a part of this book, it all looks beautiful.

Then to the story. I see what you did there Riya. With the animals and the differences and the arguments about it. I think it's a really important topic and I loved that the book brought that extra layer.

I could totally see myself bringing this book to class and having a conversation about it with younger children. It would be lovely to give each other compliments after reading the book; on what is different about your friend or your classmate. This book embraces positivity and being different in my opinion and it does touch a topic that is important and definitely current in today's society. 

Title: The Mermaid and the Grumpy Old Clam
Author: Kirk Kirkpatrick
Pages: 30

What I noticed about this book right away are the beautiful illustrations. I love sea life, so the backgrounds, colors, plants and fishes were beautiful. But also the mermaid; LOOK AT THAT HAIR! It's beautiful. I love it.

Now my biggest issue is with this book not having that much text. I think it's important for young children to teach them that a book has letters and words and not just only pictures. Next to that, the story was also kinda short, so I was a bit sad about that.

I loved the rhyme in this book. I think it's so important for children to learn words that sound alike and to be creative with it. 
The book also had little secrets and small things happening in the background, like there being jellyfish or a little fish coming real close to the mermaid to maybe look at her necklace. That were funny little things!

Both books were fun to read and had beautiful illustrations.
Did you read any good short stories lately?

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