Sunday, May 23, 2021

Two Short Stories #24

Today I will be highlighting two short stories.
Both of them are picture books; I just felt like reading two of them today!

Let's dive right in.

Eve's Ducklings
Author: Maria Monte & Emelie Wiklund
Pages: 28

This book was sent to me as a physical copy and that is so awesome, I want to thank the authors for that!

It's fun to read about 2 ducklings, because I've had 2 ducks on my shed roof recently and they are just so cute and come really close.

The book's font is pleasant to read, I always find that to be important in picture books.

I did feel like the story could've been a bit more complex. It's about being kind to animals, but I did not feel the urgency and the need to tell this story. It maybe was a bit too short and too simple.

I LOVED the pictures, however. The drawings are beautiful with soft colors and are a joy to look at.

Title: Norman Space Bat
Author: Jake Evanoff
Pages: 56

What I first noticed when I started reading, is that this book has chapters. I think it's so important for young ones to learn what a book looks like and what the aspects are.

I think the pages are well balanced out as to text and pictures. This book has a good amount of text and a long story.

I do feel that the story sometimes moves on fast, it felt like hopping on, while some things weren't all that clear. I felt like I needed much more explaining and I'm not so sure if younger ones would understand this story. I guess it also ends with a cliffhanger and because of that I also didn't get the moral of the story.

This book deserves all the stars for the gorgeous drawings. They look AWESOME. I'm sure every age group will love it. You can definitely take your time to look at the drawings and just enjoy it. The cover is so nice too, it's a really good job.

Both picture books have AMAZING drawings!
Did you read any good short stories lately?

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