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Review: The Interludes: A Sexual Odyssey

J.K. Duval
Started reading: June 6th 2021
Finished the book: July 23rd 2021
Pages: 516
Genres: Erotic, Fiction
Published: July 17th 2017
Source: Physical copy from the author
Goodreads score: 4.26
My score:
The Interludes, A Sexual Odyssey, is the fun sexy erotic novel for mature audiences. All the characters have only one thing in common, they’re all named Jordan. Whether they are women or men they share the same first name, but that’s where the similarities end. Seven different Jordans will take you along for almost every conceivable match-up in some seriously sexy locales.
From a beach-side cottage along the warm moonlit waters of Jamaica to a shower stall in London’s famed Claridge’s Hotel, across the hills of Tuscany to a magnificent 18 room oceanfront shingle style home on the western shores of Martha’s Vineyard, these are just a few of the places that will spread out before you on this journey of erotic discovery.
If you blush easily, you might want to look elsewhere for your night-table reading. Then again you may wish to share what’s behind this cover with someone you love and create your own sexual odyssey.

Every now and then I read a book with short stories. Usually those are horror books, because I just love that genre. A while ago this book was sent to me and I decided to read it. I think that the way this book is written is unique; there are 7 main characters and their stories are spread out over different chapters. That gives the author the possibility of a cliffhanger. I found it somewhat inconvenient, because I just wanted to read the stories one by one. So if I wanted to read one of the stories, I had to, for example read chapter 1, 6 and 13.
All the 7 main characters are called Jordan, which was unique too!

Jordan Oldfield
Rating: 2 stars
The way Jordan is attracted to this person is a bit too much for me. I get it, he's muscular and handsome and pretty and all that. But to swoon over his forearm? That was a no-no for me. After the first chapter in this story, I did feel like it got better. The setting was really lovely in Italy. That's what I loved the most.
Some parts were just a but too perfect and it was all about how rich and expensive everything was. I would've loved to know more about later in time.

Jordan Kirby
Rating: 4 stars
This story was so sweet! I love how the two characters in this story take their time. Nowadays it looks like everybody first has sex and gets to know each other afterwards, and that was not the case in this book. I thought it was a sweet, beautiful and cute story.

Jordan Davidson
Rating: 3 stars
Oh boy, the way a person can struggle if everybody around you just assumes you feel attracted to a certain gender. I loved that extra layer in this book. A bit further in this story, there were a little too much details on things that I felt weren't important for the story. I skimmed some of those pages. I felt like the buildup (first 2 chapters) were amazing, but the story was way too long for only two steamy pages and I wanted more; it ended too soon.

Jordan Thomas
Rating: 5 stars
This was the first story in this book where I felt it had the perfect build up. The tension was really high and there were some amazing scenes. The story also had a deeper layer, and I loved that. I was sad about the ending.

Jordan Brewster
Rating: 3 stars
I loved the beginning! The story and the characters were really fun. You could feel the chemistry and the tension. The story then goes over to telling me how rich this family is and all their property and their expensive stuff, and all that. I didn't really care about that, so, again, I skimmed some of the pages.

Jordan Incheon
Rating: 5 stars
At first I didn't really care for the characters and the conversation. The main character kept saying that there was so much tension but I didn't feel it. Then the story kicked off and it got all steamy and spicy and I loved it. I like that it came together with a different story from this book. It was also unique in the way that it wasn't really about love in this short story, but more about short hookups. 

Jordan Nathanson
Rating: 4 stars
I loved the story and the background of Jordan and how he came to Jamaica. The the story kicked off and got hotter and steamier. I was eager to know what happened after Jordan took a midnight swim and luckily I found out!

Thanks for reading!
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