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Review: The Paladin (Saga of the Chosen #4)

Petra Landon
Started reading: July 24th 2021
Finished the book: July 29th 2021
Pages: 452
Genres: Fantasy, Magic
Published: June 28th 2021
Source: Digital copy from the author
Goodreads score: 4.60
My score:
The explosive epiphany of their unique connection triggers the bondmates in different ways and simmering animosity drives a wedge between them. While their adversary and her shadowy sponsor get bolder, Tasia faces a tough decision.
The Alpha dredges up Vampire secrets to sow the seeds of dissension among the Clan, while Lady Bethesda struggles to right her ship. Sienna comes out, Temi makes a friend, the Blood Mages pick a side and ElMorad goes on a rampage. As more of the Oracle’s clues come to light, the investigation must make audacious moves and riskier bets, even work with the Guardians and other capricious partners, to checkmate their adversary. When a twist of fate forces Tasia to confront her worst nightmare, she has nothing to fall back on. As a multitude of threats converge on her, can Raoul shake off the chains of the past to help Tasia outrun her destiny?

My thoughts
I was so excited to read this book by Petra Landon and to continue the Saga of the Chosen series. This book did NOT disappoint. I feel like it might be the best one in the series so far. I loved every single thing about it, I rushed through and was kinda sad when the book ended. I do feel things will really get going in the next book, so this book definitely left me excited for the next installment!

  • Fast paced: The book was SO fast paced. I remember previous books sometimes feeling a bit slow, but in this book a lot was happening. That made me just rush through. I also felt like the chapters were just the right length for this story and I always feel like that will help getting through a book, too.
  • Explanations: I'm really glad some things were explained, again. The first book has been years for me, and I read so many books that it's sometimes hard to keep track. I love how memories and knowledge about the previous books are fluently interwoven in this book. It makes it easier to understand and I honestly feel that it's a really smart move by Petra Landon.
  • POVS: This book switches POVS in such a coherent way. It's not the known 1 chapter per POV way of writing, but the different POVS are interwoven in all the chapters. This was one of the best multiple POV books I've ever read, because I'm usually not such a big fan of those books. I love how the different POVS in this book make you see situations from all different sides and you're also able to feel the things the different characters are feeling. Brilliant!
  • Next book: This book definitely feels like a build-up to the next installment. I really feel things will get exciting, thrilling and just to let myself go: SHIT WILL GET REAAALLL!


I really recommend starting this series if you love magic and fantasy. Petra Landon's writing style only gets better. The characters evolve through every single book, the plot gets thicker and the tension builds. It's exactly what you want from a series that you've invested yourself in!

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