Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Two Short Stories #28

Today I will be highlighting two short stories.
One of them is a horror novella, the other one is a sci-fi novella.

Let's dive right in.

Reaper: A Horror Novella
Author: Jonathan Pongratz
Pages: 96

This book is a really great set-up for the book that's to come after. 
The start of the story is great, because you just know/feel something is going to happen. I did feel like too many hints were scattered around, and that made some things very clear to me. Things that the main character only found out later.

I did feel like it was smart to make the reader feel like they know everything, just like the main character. Sometimes you just have no idea; you might think you know... But you don't!

The ending was so much fun and I felt like I'd definitely read a book that is to come after. I did some research and there IS a book that comes after this one! Sadly, my TBR is too full now, but I'd recommend horror lovers to check out this novella and maybe read the book after.

One fun fact: The author's cat is named Ajax, and that's my favorite soccer team in the Netherlands, so that definitely was a +1!

Title: Nothing
Author: R.J. Goldman
Pages: 34

First of all: Look at this BEAUTIFUL cover. I really like it, it's so artsy. 

This story gets you in the action right away. Definitely a great set up to keep reading. 

I appreciate the writing style of not explaining too much. But sadly I only figured out that one of the characters was blind when I was 20% in. Even though I did feel like maybe I missed the clues, I still felt like it wasn't clear enough for me.

The special powers of these 4 people are amazing, and were so much fun to read about. I did feel like they weren't as old as they were told in the book, but it also made me feel a connection because I'm around the same age.

I'm curious if a book is going to follow this up, because the ending definitely hints about that!

Both books were fun to read and definitely worth the time.
Did you read any good short stories lately?

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