Sunday, October 17, 2021

Halloween Creatures Book Tag

On my PC I have a list of all fun booktags I have stumbled upon on different blogs.
I saw a post a from Jessica at 
A Great Read a long time ago. It's been on my list for a while and this seemed the right time  to do this fun booktag!

Here we go.
You can click the bookcovers for my review!

A magical character or book

How about a book with a Witch as a main character?! This was the first book I've read by Petra Landon, and it was a great start to an amazing series!
Rating: 4 stars

A perfect book to read a night
This book contains a lot of scenes where it's dark and it also gave me a bit of a "dark feeling". Definitely a book that's fun and creepy to read at night.
Rating: 4 stars

A book that truly shocked you
The plot twists, the ending... A real shocker in a GREAT way!
Rating: 5 stars

The Devil
A dark, evil character
These four girls aren't the sweetest you've ever seen, but their life gets ruined by this evil person...
Rating: 5 stars

Grim Reaper
A character that should never have died
I've never cried so hard about a character dying.
Rating: 5 stars

A book that made you hungry for more
This book was such a huge adventure and I remember that the audiobook was narrated by the author. That was just such a treat, because you could feel that she just had so much love for this book. The ending really made me crave for more.
Rating: 5 stars

A character that you would protect at all cost
Rating: 5 stars

A book that sucked the life out of you
Such a dark book. Sometimes it even took away the fun of reading.
Rating: 4 stars

A book that still haunts you
This book really made a big impact on me.
Rating: 5 stars

A book that really scared you
The witch in this book is SO scary! I also got creeped out by the fact that the Dutch version of this book took place in a little Dutch town really close to where my boyfriend lived.
We used to drive through it every now and then!
Rating: 4 stars

A character you have a bone to pick with
I will NEVER forgive Voldemort for the deaths in this book. I will Avada Kedavra the shit out of him, might he show up one day. Lolz
Rating: 5 stars

A book that you would preserve through time
I feel like this book is so underrated! I feel like it's just pure poetry, I'd love to re-read it someday.
Rating: 5 stars

Creepy Doll
A cover too scary to look at
Doesn't the title "Skinwrapper" say it all?!
Rating: 4 stars

Let me know if you've read any books in this post, or if you plan to!
And feel free to join in!!

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