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Review: Blood Wedding

Pierre Lemaitre
Started reading: December 28th 2020
Finished the book: January 1st 2021
Pages: 288
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Published: June 6th 2017
Source: Received as a gift
Goodreads score: 3.96
My score:
Young, successful, and happily married-- Sophie thought at first she was becoming absentminded when she started misplacing her mail and forgetting where she'd parked her car the night before.

But then, as her husband and colleagues pointed out with increasing frustration, she began forgetting things she'd said and done, too. And when she was detained by the police for shoplifting, a crime she didn't remember committing, the confusion and blackouts that had begun to plague her took on a more sinister cast.

Now, Sophie is in much deeper water: One morning, she wakes to find that the little boy in her care is dead. She has no memory of what happened. And whatever the truth, her side of the story is no match for the evidence piled against her. Her only hiding place is in a new identity. A new life, with a man she has met online. But Sophie is not the only one keeping secrets...

My thoughts
I remember reading another book from Pierre Lemaitre and really loving the plot. I also remember it was really dark and haunting, in a way that thrillers sometimes can be. I received this book as a birthday gift, and I've been curious to read it for a long time. The best part about this book was the plot. I think it was genially done and as you can see I rushed through. I read the book in 4 days! 
  • Darkness: The feeling of chaos and darkness in this book is very strong. The main character is so confused and you can feel that in every page that you read. I got confused myself and decided to just go with the flow and keep reading. The writing style makes it that you have no clue what is going on and I loved that.
  • Second part: The second part of this book was amazing. I kept wondering how real it felt and if this could happen to a person in real life; I was convinced! How this all worked out was genius. It had a really creepy vibe to it. This character, Frantz, is really taking it way too far and is going further and further with his disturbing behavior. You also get answers in this second part of the book, but not too many answers. Yay!
  • Plot: ONE OF THE BEST EVER. The ending of this book was so thrilling. I had no idea what was going to happen. I would've loved for a bit of a bigger confrontation, but it was very exciting to read it anyway. At the end, there is a certain character playing a huge role, and I had not expected that. It was a nice twist in the story.

  • Dark: The story is so dark, shady and depressing that it sometimes took away from the "fun" that I like to feel when reading. There are a lot of deaths, loss, sadness. This story is about ruined lives and ruining lives. There was not much light to see, so to speak.
  • End: After the ending I would've loved to have an epilogue or a little extra chapter. I just needed a bit more.
Dark, disturbing and thrilling, all in a good way. This book actually had that gift where it can make you feel bad for the characters. The plot was brilliant and I rushed through. The ending was great and overall it was just a book that you should read if you're a thriller/mystery fan. I especially loved the second part where you get answers and the vibe just gets all creepy!

Other opinions on this book
"Creepy, demented and typical of Lemaitre's crime fiction: unpredictable in a deliciously depraved way. Readers will not be disappointed. Atmospheric and chilling and packed with Lemaitre's trademark twists and turns."
- Kirkus Reviews

"A darkly disturbing thriller, Pierre Lemaitre's Blood Wedding gives new life to the genre with this mind-bending novel that keeps readers engrossed in excited speculation. Highly recommend."

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