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Review: The Horror Collection: Pink Edition (THC Book 6)

Kevin J. Kennedy
Started reading: December 16th 2020
Finished the book: December 21st 2020
Pages: 126
Genres: Horror, Short Stories
Published: ?
Source: Digital copy from the author
Goodreads score: 4.17
My score:

Book 6 in the Horror Collection contains stories by Tim Curran, Douglas Hackle, Kyle M. Scott, Mike Duke, Zoey Xolton, Natasha Sinclair & Kevin J. Kennedy.

We will take you on a trip through hell, to vampire torn lands, find out the perils of collecting too many books and on many more terrifying adventures.

If you're following me for a longer period, you know that I'm always excited to read a short story horror book by Kevin J. Kennedy. I've reviewed so many of his books already and I'm always amazed by the creativity and originality that the authors show in these stories. This book was exactly like that! Some stories were a perfect hit to me, others not that much, but I had a BLAST reading this book.

That Song I Love - Kyle M. Scott
Rating: 5
The main character in this story is a DJ, and that's pretty unique. I don't come across many characters that are a DJ. I LOVED the creepy vibe in this story. Slowly but surely you get more information and find out what happend. The ending was so good and scary. Really nice.

And the Dead Shall Perish - Mike Duke
Rating: 4
This was a well written vampire story. I love how it builds up and adds more characters. The story also gives background information and some history. It was hard to believe that the main character in this story was a 12 y/o. I teach 12 y/o kids, so I wasn't entirely convinced. It felt more like this person was around 16/18 years old. I loved how the story got tenser every page and the big action scene was so good.

Soft White Underbelly - Tim Curran
Rating: 5
This story is really gross and creepy. You know that something bad is happening or going to happen and you see it unfolding right before your eyes. If I could describe the story I would say that it's dark, scary and gets pretty dirty. Just what I like!

Steerage Rats - Natasha Sinclair
Rating: 3
This story was hard to understand for me, due to the writing style. I'm not a native English person and so the choice of words was hard to follow. The setting for this story was so well chosen: The belly of a really big cruise ship, at the middle of the ocean. I liked how gory the story was and the ending was really nice as well. It was hard to understand for me WHY this was happening though. I would've loved a bit more of an explanation.

Blood for Blood - Zoey Xolton
Rating: 5
This story is written in First Person, which I really like. You fall right into a messy situation and are looking right through the eyes of a killer. Everybody knows the name Salem, so you could guess where this story would go. I was not disappointed. It wanted this story to be longer and I was a bit sad when it ended. I love me a good revenge story.

Book Magic - Kevin J. Kennedy
Rating: 5
I recognized myself in this story right away. I moved back to my moms house once in my life and I had a little bedroom FULL of books. This main character spoke to me right away and I think other bookworms would like the start of this story as well. I loved where the story was going and the ending was SO GOOD. It's a really original short horror story. I've read so many of them, sometimes certain stories can feel alike, but not this one. It's really unique. 

This was another great book full of awesome horror stories. I'm sure I'll never get enough of it. The themed short story books by Kevin J. Kennedy are awesome as well, especially if you read them during that same time of year. I just love to get spooky!

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