Wednesday, January 5, 2022

5 Year Blogiversary: Book Of Choice GIVEAWAY + 2 Paperback Books!

5 years it has been... I still remember me building my blog and writing my first blogpost at my boyfriends home. His parents were on a vacation and we were babysitting the house together.

I had been writing reviews on Goodreads for a while and I wanted my own place on the internet. I wanted to share opinions and find other booklovers, because none of my friends read. I wanted people to relate to and to fangirl about books with. And I've found all this and much more.

I want to thank my regular visitors, who come over to my blog, read my posts and always comment and reach out. I want to thank one-time visitors, for stopping by. I want to thank authors for reaching out and promoting their book and thanking me for my reviews. Thank you all!

If you're one of those followers that's been stuck here for a LONG time, you know it's a tradition here to giveaway a paperback book. Choices are from the Goodreads Choice Awards 2021. But since my little babyblog is now 5 years old, I will also be giving away 2 paperbacks: They Called Us Enemy and The Midnight Library. This little party will have 3 winners this year!

Read this blogpost for some cool statistics about my blog and to find out more about the giveaway!



Every year, I'm so excited for the Goodreads Choice Awards. I vote for the books that I loved or books that took my interest. I'm always curious to find new good books and to see who the winners are.
This Giveaway will contain one of the books below, that received a Goodreads Book Choice Award 2021.

One of the winners may select a book below.

Please, make sure Book Depository ships to your country, if you choose this option if you win.

The Winners
Fiction - Mystery & Thriller - Historical Fiction - Fantasy

Romance - Science Fiction - Horror - Humor

Nonfiction - Memoir - History & Biography - Graphic Novels

Poetry - Debut Novel - YA Fictoin - YA Fantasy

Middle Grade & Children's

Extra books to win:

This year's winners:
#1: May choose a Goodreads Choice Awards book, OR They Called Us Enemy OR The Midnight Library

#2 May choose out of 2 things that are left and weren't chosen by #1.

#3 Will get the book that is left.

5 Year Blogiversary: Book Of Choice GIVEAWAY + 2 Paperback Books!


  1. Happy Blog Anniversary! Five years is a great accomplishment. I am so glad you are part of this community!

  2. The Last Thing He Told Me
    Marlene V.

  3. The Midnight Library!

    it’s alright if I don’t ofcourse!! this is fun either way and the winner will just be very lucky!
    if I do win though I would definitely choose the midnight library, it’s been on my wishlist for sooo long
    have a great day to whoever reads this <3

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