Monday, June 13, 2022

Review: Our Trespasses

Started reading: May 25th 2022
Finished the book: May 28th 2022
Pages: 247
Genres: Paranormal, Horror
Published: October 15th 2021
Goodreads score: 3.95
My score:
Drowning in a meaningless existence flipping burgers, Matthew Davis suddenly collapses from a powerful psychic connection he shares with his twin brother, Jake. The pain is violent and immediate, and Matt knows exactly what it means… hundreds of miles away, Jake has been viciously killed. But instead of severing their connection, the murder intensifies it and Matt begins to suffer the agony of Jake’s afterlife.
Hell bent on solving Jake’s murder in order to break the connection, Matt travels to his troubled hometown of Hatchett, Nebraska, where an old lover and savage new enemies expose the festering wounds that Jake left behind.

Matt tries atoning for Jake’s sins, but when a demon infests the connection between the two brothers, Matt must find a way to sever their bond before his world, and ours, become engulfed in the flames of hell.

My thoughts
Do you know that lovely feeling when a book really surprises you? I had not seen anything on this book, but it sounded so interesting! When I started reading, I was just dragged into this book by the lovely writing style. The story is fast paced and at the end I couldn't find anything wrong with this book, so what else to do than give it 5 stars?!

  • Writing style: The writing style in this book is amazing. It's so easy, flowing and feels completely natural. Sometimes I feel like authors maybe try too hard, and I don't like feeling it while reading. With this book, it just feels like Mr. Cordell is pumping out books on the daily, but I saw that it's his second book. Very well done! The conversations in this book are a blast to read. Matt has a lovely amount of sass and there is a good amount of banter going on. So fun.
  • Creepy: Yes, yes, yes, YES! I loved the creepy in this book. There was one scene in the cinema, and I'm not going to spoil but it was described SO WELL that it made it so creepy. I could picture exactly in my head what was going on. The church scene was scary as well. I found it also very original that Cordell was able to make every day objects scary for me. Again; so fun!
  • Depth and layers: This story has so much depth and many layers. It's a book about love, forgiveness, wanting to start over, reminiscing over the past, friendship, faith and believing, brotherly love, growth, coming of age, regret, hopelessness, family, jealousy, feeling lost... I can go on. It was so strong that this is a fun book, a creepy book, but also a book with many, many layers.
  • Ending: The ending was so good. It was really building, building, building towards a climax. I did NOT see the plot twist coming, and what is a better feeling than that?!

I just have to point out how fun it was that there is an Esther in this book! It just makes you feel this instant connection when you have someone that has the same name. If you like paranormal stories with a sprinkle of creepy and a great mount of layers and depth... Then I would definitely recommend this book!

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