Monday, October 31, 2022

October Wrap up - Book Haul & What to Expect Next Month

Welcome, welcome my dear readers.
Welcome to the blog.

The month October has been a lot about working for me. As a (baby)sitter and in the library as well. Last week I had so called performance review, because I had a contract for two months. And now it's been extended to a year! I'm happy because my job in the library makes me happy. Also, FALL is what I love. Nature looks gorgeous and seeing the trees and forests gives me so much joy.

My time with the boy that I (baby)sit is so fun as well. We do all kinds of fun stuff like sleepovers, big playgrounds and we went to the cinema and swimming. He is so happy all the time and that makes me happy too.

On another note, I have something serious to talk about on my blog. And I'm really looking to talk to you all about this and to hear your opinion. I have been thinking about taking a blogging break. I feel like it costs me a lot of time and energy that I want to put in real life right now. (Like right now, this post is costing me 30 mins + that I would love to spend reading...)
Did you feel like this at some point? What did you do? Do you have some good advice for me? My blog is my baby and my audience is what does give me energy; connecting with you all. Talking about books, visiting your blogs, reading about your lives and our common passion: reading and books.
So I do want to continue, but the blogging break has been in my mind for a long time... I've also been thinking about just writing a weekly wrap up (maybe a Sunday Post?) of what I've been reading, watching and stuff like that, and maybe not write long reviews anymore? It might be something I am willing to try before officially taking a break.. So many thoughts... Help me out?! 💗

Thanks for sticking with my blog and for reading!
Have a great month with loads of beautiful fall leaves.



Did you read any of the books in this post?
I'd love to discuss books, so please share your thoughts!

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