Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Written by Blood series: Cane's Detour & Daniel's Darkness and Conviction


I'm currently reading a very fun, but longer series and since it contains some novellas as well, I decided to bundle up the reviews for the prequel and the first book.

Let's dive in!

Cane's Detour & Daniel's Darkness
Author: Dwayne Gill
Pages: 82

This prequel is a great intro to the series and it did exactly what a prequel should do: It made me interested to read the rest of the books.

The writing is GREAT. Characters are unique and I'm very curious to see where  the story will lead to.

One thing is that I didn't really connect to the characters (yet). I think that's also what short stories tend to do every now and then.

The characters in this book have clear emotions and they are described very well. Loss, despair and the will to live were three things that came forward.

Title: Conviction
Author: Dwayne Gill
Pages: 358

I love how a title for a book can click and connect and give you an "aha" moment. It really feels like an author as thought about the title for the book.

The cast of characters in this bok is huge and I never messed them up once. That's thanks to the author. I love how friendships and relationships in this book form and how people bond and help each other.

One thing that stood out to me as unnecessary were the dates at the start of a chapter. Maybe it's me, but it just doesn't work for me. I've forgotten the date after reading two pages and it's kinda hard if a story relies on the dates and timeline.

Overall such a fun story and series and I'm so curious what the next books will bring me. I will definitely keep reading!

Pick up this series if you like action thrillers and interesting characters.

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