Friday, June 16, 2017

Kickstarter: A Hyacinth for His Hideousness (Gay Romance Novel)

Hi there!
A while ago Tharah Meester reached out to me, asking me to promote her Kickstarter Project. Tharah Meester writes in German and would love for her novel to be translated to English.
But... This will cost money!
As a book blogger, why not help out an author, by mentioning this book and ask others to help as well!?

If you can spare a bit to help out this author, it would be much appreciated!
All small amounts will help.
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Following a public humiliation, Hyacinth Black is on the verge of being beaten to death by his father. Of all people, the man who is commonly referred to as 'Your Hideousness' comes to his defence; but his intervention has a price. Hyacinth must marry his rescuer.

Since the murder of his brother, Gavrila Ardenovic has been on the trail of a secret society, but in the city where he is only mocked, he has few allies. Therefore he keeps his distance from others and is used to supressing any hint of emotion.

Will lies and intrigues gain the upper hand or can Hyacinth succeed in battling the shadows of the past and break through his husband's cold-hearted fa├žade?

Tharah Meester discovered very early, that a good romance novel not only raises your heartbeat, but can also cause a tingling sensation in your stomach. Not much later she realized, that this feeling is strongest, when she writes those stories herself. 
By now being an author has become her dearest passion and beyond that her career having written more than 25 short stories and novels (in German). Her most beloved genre is Historical Gay Romance, where she most of the time resides in her fictive world of Farefyr; that she created with her husband. Together they live with their much-
loved dog in a small city in Austria. 

Horse's hooves are hitting the cobbles in a steady beat, the sound of rattling carriage wheels fills the alleyways of the city. Snowflakes dancing wildly in the lantern's flickering lights. The townsfolk is rushing by only to immediately disappear again in the shadows. You're eyeing those that approach you suspiciously, because in Ascot you never know who to trust. The people here regardless of which quarter they are coming from, are cold as winter itself. The only redeeming thing you could say about them is that they don't care about who you love. They don't discriminate, but show their dismissive attitude to everyone equally. The frigidity of the citizens, however, is not your biggest problem, when you get in the way of the notorious secret society, that keeps even the rulers of Ascot like puppets on their strings. So stay away from suspicious people and, of course, the poor quarter. Just do it like the rest of the residents: don't trust anyone. Well, all right. Welcome to the city of Ascot!