Thursday, June 8, 2017

Review: Falling For You

Author: Mari Suggs
Started reading: May 26th 2017
Finished the book: May 28th 2017
Pages: 422
Genres: Romance, Mystery
Published: January 27th 2017
Source: Got a digital copy from the author
Goodreads score: Not enough reviews
My score:

25-year-old Rachel Moore has the perfect life: A job she loves, lots of free time, and most importantly to her, an ocean-view-condo on a paradise island. She loves the island and has never questioned the place she calls home. That is, until Luke Wellington, a 28-year old business mogul steps foot on the island. The last thing Rachel expected was to break her number one rule-never get involved with a tourist. Despite her efforts to push him away, she ends up getting closer than she ever imagined. Even after learning that Luke is keeping something from her, she is unable to break it off. His deception leads them on a journey neither of them could've predicted. By the time Rachel finds out what he's been keeping from her, her life is unrecognizable.

My thoughts
This book totally gave me beach vibes. I loved the story, it was exactly as long as it should be. Some great plot twists, mood swings and awesome characters with a sparkle of mystery made this a new favorite!

  • Surprising: This story had an air of mystery revolving around it and I had all these wild thoughts about what the great big reveal was gonna be. I did NOT see the huge plot twist coming, the one where this whole story was about. I am a spoiler free blog, so can't tell you exactly what it was, but it was kinda shocking for me though. The events that happened because of this plot twist were very realistic and surprising and I loved the choices the author made in this case.
  • Picture it vividly: I totally got the beach-vibes. I could picture the whole setting in this book in my head. It was described beautifully and it made me long for the beach. I wanted to have nice walks at sunset, I wanted to swim, sunbathe and eat a nice meal near the water.
  • Rachel: Rachel is such a believable character. All the choices she makes and the way she reacts to others and to specific events made her very realistic. I totally understood all the things Rachel did and said and the emotions she felt throughout the book. I loved her, she is so good and hard working and happy with little things. Yay for Rachel!
  • Believable: This story was very believable. After the big plot twist, the author made great choices in leading the story to the end of the book. This made the story much more believable. It could've been a story about the life of an ordinary girl, who loves her life and the people in it, who suddenly has to face the harsh side of life and therefore has to make though choices.
No way!

A story with a beautiful setting, realistic characters, mystery and your dose of romance. I believe a lot of readers would enjoy this book. I hope more people will pick it up, the writer deserves it! Put your sunglasses on, take a nice seat near the beach and get to it! (Or just read it in your lazy chair, that will do too!)

Memorable quotes from this book
"Let's just enjoy today and not worry about tomorrow. One day at a time."

What book do you feel deserves more reads!?