Saturday, April 28, 2018

Guestpost: How to Read Many Books in a Short Amount of Time

Another month, another Guespost by Jeyran from Review Tales! It's so cool to share articles every month and to open my blog to the voice of another blogger.

We can all feel the pressure of our TBR-List, our Review List and all the books we still want to read or even re-read. So this month's article by Jeyran is about reading more books in a short amount of time. 

Having a busy book blog like this one comes with many emails and requests from authors wanting me to have a look at their work and reviewing them. Not to let anyone down, I had to come up with a plan just to be able to read the volume of books I was receiving.

I began looking at the number of words, pages and the time it took to finish each book, on an average basis. I realized that every book took around 5 hours. I also noticed that before reading the book, my Kindle would also provide me with a time frame for how long I should expect the book to finish.

I then took both information and used it in order to read one book per day.

I gave two hours in the morning and two hours before sleeping at night. I then added an hour here and there, when I had the time, during the day. This way, I got to finish a single book without stressing my eyes out or, putting any pressure on myself.

When I shared this information with a fellow author, he was super excited to use it in order to manage his load of reading. He actually insisted that I share it with you lovely followers and to let you know how it is possible.

I believe behind any intention and goal is a willpower just waiting to be activated. There is nothing you cannot do as a human being once you set your mind to it. I encourage everyone to read and not to run away from big books just because of the volume it contains.

Thanks to Jeyran for writing another great article for my blog and for providing us readers with a great tip on how to read more books!

What do you do when you have a huge TBR pile and feel a bit stressed out in reading all the books?

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