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Review: Veins of Magic (The Otherworld #2)

Author: Emma Hamm
Started reading: April 6th 2018
Finished the book: April 28th 2018
Pages: 350
Genres: Fantasy, Magic, Retelling
Published: December 19th 2017
Source: Got a digital copy from the author
Goodreads score: 4.14
My score:
Once upon a time…

Heartache dogs the steps of Sorcha of Ui Neill. Although she is home with her family, she is unable to shake the memories of her time in Hy-brasil. She heals with a heavy heart, tells stories with melancholy words, and cannot forget the magic of the Otherworld. When an opportunity arises to return to her beloved Fae Prince, she makes a questionable deal. Dark magic, druidic curses, and a witch open a portal and send her tumbling into the middle of a war she must end for the sake of all who dwell in the Otherworld.

My thoughts
This series is such a strong retelling for Beauty and the Beast. I liked the first book, I read and reviewed it this January! Read my review for the first book here. Emma Hamm is very good at telling her own story, but still reminding you of the original fairy tale. I also think it's a good decision to finish the series with this book. The ending was suitable and left me satisfied.

  • Beauty and the Beast: I was so engrossed in this story that I forgot the fact that it's a retelling, up until the end, when I was brutally reminded how the original fairytale plays out. I love how Emma Hamm is making her own decisions for this story, but still able to remind you of the fairytale. 
  • Ending: The ending for this book left me satisfied. It was beautiful and so right in this book, I couldn't have wished anything else as an ending for this book. I also think this story is just right, told in two books.
  • Side characters: I adored the side characters, Sorcha's family, the pixie and the other fairies. I do believe that the rich variety of side characters made the story interesting and I loved how they all had their own personality, even if they had a tiny role in the book.
  • Sorcha: I wasn't the biggest fan of Sorcha in the first book, but I like how she "turned out". She grew from a girl to a woman and she was fierce, brave and strong. She was loving, caring and made her own choices. She won me over in this book.
  • Ending of the war: The ending of the book was strong, but the way the big war is playing out at the end felt so easy, I guess. I felt like the whole preparation for the war was unnecessary, the way it now played out... Can't say more without spoiling, I hope you understand.
  • Not mind blowing: Some important characters DIE and I didn't really mind. I do think that was strong in this book, but I don't have very strong emotions for this book and felt like it wasn't mind blowing.
An amazing retelling for Beauty and the Beast. Emma Hamm is one of those authors that you trust to do a great retelling after this series. The book contains some great plot twists, cool side characters and is ended in a beautiful way. I'd recommend this book if you are a fan of retellings.

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