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Review: Lost in Amber (An Out of This World Paranormal Romance #1)

Esther Rabbit
Started reading: July 20th 2020
Finished the book: July 29th 2020
Pages: 364
Genres: Romance, Science Fiction
Published: January 17th 2019
Source: Digital copy from author
Goodreads score: 4.18
My score:

She just wanted to mope over her breakup, but the universe had other plans for Zoey Mills.

Twenty-four year old Zoey is at that particular point in her life when everything seems to be going sideways. Over the course of one week her boyfriend breaks up with her and she finds out she’s been genetically altered with enhancements foreign to her world.
Jasper’s first earthbound mission seemed simple enough: clean up the mess the former Interplanetary ambassador left behind, retrieve the altered survivors and capture the scientist who went rogue.

Meeting her changed and challenged everything he’d ever known.

My thoughts
Esther Rabbit did an awesome interview with me and I got curious about her book, so I was glad to receive a copy from her. I went into it mostly blank. I did read some very mean and negative reviews. I never understand why people have to be so rude, but anyway, I decided not to be influenced by that. I liked the story, it was action paced and the ending was amazeballs!

  • The three girls: I love it when a book has very different main characters. The three girls in this book are so unalike and I like how their jobs are contrary as well. I do feel that the layer of depth in the characters could have been a bit stronger, but I was able to keep them apart and they had these little personality traits that made them stand out.
  • All the characters: The bunch of characters in this book is a colourful group of totally different personalities. The conversations had a nice flow to it and those were my favorite parts to read, especially when the whole group is together and talking about stuff.
  • Plot and pacing: The plot and pacing were great. there is a lot going on and I feel like I was getting through this book pretty fast. I can tell there has gone research into this book and I always like it when I can tell an author has looked things up, talked to people or even visited places. Talking about plot; the ending was brilliant!
  • Exclamation marks: One of my pet peeves is the use of too many exclamation marks. If you've been following me for a longer time, you've seen this as a con a couple of times as well. This book has a lot of exclamation marks and that just starts to annoy me fast. I feel that it should only be used when a person is shouting or even screaming. There is no person that is shouting all the time during a 300 pages book. I also feel like "?!" should not be used.
  • Little things: There were some little things that I feel would be stronger if done differently. For example; I only learned about the family of Zoey at 65% in the book. I would've loved to get depth and layers and history at the beginning of the book, so you can understand why characters maybe make certain choices.
This is a book that has an ending, but does throw in a little cliffhanger at the final page. I LOVED how that was done. I can't wait to read the next book. The way everything is thought through, the places they visit and the unique other-worldly layer in this book definitely make it a 4 star read!

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  1. I can see how too many exclamation marks could make reading a bit annoying. It sounds like a fairly minor thing but over the course of a book it can make a difference. It is good that the reset of the book worked for you.

    I like it when books have solid endings. I think that this is a good practice even when the novel is part of a series.


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