Sunday, August 23, 2020

Two Short Stories #14

Today I will be highlighting two picture books. One of them is a book in the Carefree Ollie series. The other one is a picture book about Sticky Brains...

Let's dive right in!

Ollie's Haffiness
Author: Riya Aarini
Pages: 36

I remember reading the first book in the Carefree Ollie Series. It was a nice, colorful book with a playful choice in words and the book had a lovely message behind it.

In this book, we start with a quote. I think that's so cool, because you don't see that often in children's books. I love having conversations with the learners in my classroom. A book starting with a quote, is a very nice way to get dialogue started.

This book is about losing a tooth and things that come with it. It was hilarious that words were changed, because you say them differently without front teeth. I'm sure kids of the same age can totally relate!

In this book there is the added fun of looking for the chameleon and that will get kids involved even more into this book.

Title: Sticky Brains
Author: Nicole Libin
Pages: 40

What comes to mind at first is the playful way this book is written. Some words and letters get a colour that match the page, or they are bigger. The pictures are square and round, happy and sad and everything on the page matches with that. It's very creative in my opinion.

What I also loved, is that our main character is mad about things, but her friend is there to point out that with something bad, you should also look at the good things.

In the classroom there are definitely kids that only see the bad or get mad very easily. I think this book is a help to them, as to understand that everybody feels that way sometimes. There is a bit of explaining as well, as to why we remember bad stuff so easily, and I feel like that is a good start for children to understand why they feel the way they do.

I totally wish this book was available in Dutch, because I'm sure it could help children that sometimes feel stuck.

Both books were colourful and beautiful and had a nice message behind it. Both books would be awesome to read in my classroom.

Did you read any good picture books lately?

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