Sunday, June 6, 2021

Giveaway: Bookish Goodies (Part #2)

Yaaay! Finally, time for another Giveaway! It's almost Summer over here, so I decided to make someone happy with some goodies, like I get happy from the sun!

It's so much fun to hosts Giveaways.
This time, I have an amazing goodie-box for one of you, collected from all the bookboxes I've ordered over the years.

One of you is going to win the goodie box. Check below for more information!

The draw for this goodie box will be July 3rd

The box contains (click picture to enlarge):
Bookish cards
Reading tracker
Little mirror
Lunar Chronicles Couple Set
Magnetic bookmarks
Card holder
2 lucky charms

Thanks for participating and good luck winning this box!

Goodies Giveaway Part #2

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